16 Awesome Buddha Jayanti SMS In English

Between birth and death there is nothing else but love.
If you miss love between birth & death,
you have missed the opportunity of life. Happy Buddha Jayanti.

Buddha Jayanti is Gods way to say
The world needs faith and peace
May you be blessed today and always
With virtues of Buddha and his ease
Happy Buddha Jayanti

In the burst of illumination
He discovered the meaning
Of existence and became
Lord Buddha
Warm Greetings
On Buddha Jayanti

Let your spirit be filled with non-violence & Truth
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May Buddha give you peace
Inner strength and guide you through
May this Buddha Jayanti
Bring lifes best for you.

May Buddhas preachings for
right conduct
right motive
right speech
right effort
right resolve
help us remove evil from this world.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May lord Buddha destroys all sins and obstacles from your life
May He help you end all the unnecessary pain and strife
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May Lord Buddha enlighten you on the path of love, truth and peace.
On Buddha Jayanti, my special wishes are these.

May the teachings of Lord Buddha guide you today
And may everything beautiful in like
Keep coming your way
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May the teachings of Lord Buddha
Take you a long way
May you find peace and solace
On this Buddha Jayanti Day
Be blessed!

Try not to live in a farce
Be true to self and accept it all
Bhagwan Buddha is watching you
And blessing you strong and tall.

Violence is never the answer
Peace is always the way
May your thoughts and deeds be pure
Wish you a Happy Buddha Jayanti Day.

We live in illusion and the appearance of things.
There is just one reality. We are that reality.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

Wish you be showered with
Abundant fortune and prosperity
And find the path to
Eternal happiness
Happy Buddha Jayanti!

You are indeed special to me
And so these wishes come to you
May this Buddha Jayanti bring
Happiness, love and good luck too.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

You may gather knowledge and money and prestige and power, but if you have missed love then you have missed the real door.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

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