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We were gone our own way our lives grew apart & weve made a life wiv another.but despite of how far apart we grew 2 me there still is no other

What u see as truth what u see as lies
Remember that true friendship never dies.
Although we may change & drift apart,
I always value u deep within my heart!

When i look at you, my heart skips 1 beat
But later that beat could mean a
Lifetime of tears wasted on some thing
I knew i could never have!

When life changes
& we go our separate ways.
You will still be in my heart til my dying days.
I tell no lie as this is true.
The world has never seen a freind like you.

When one door closes, another opens;
But we often look so long and so regretfully
Upon the closed door that we do not see
The one which has opened for us. – alexander graham bell

When you break up,
Your whole identity is shattered.
It’s like death.

Won’t u see as truth wot u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies.although we may change & drift apart,ill always value u deep within my heart!

You broke me, you broke my heart,
You broke everything!
You turned my world upside down and inside out,
But i know it was worth it for
That one moment of love we had,
It’s a shame it went bad..

You broke my heart
And hurt me so bad
It felt like you cut me with a knife…
But its time to move on..
And you’ll regret doing this to me later
And say damn that girl really did love me.

You could’ve broken anything you wanted
But instead you chose to break my heart
Thanks for destroying me.

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