Friendship Sms

If u need a friend and there r hundred steps between us,
Get 1 step to take near me, and i will take 99 steps to b there for u.

The music may stop now and then, But the the strings will remain forever… .

Wenevr u wanna know, How rich u r?
Dont count ur Money!
Just drop a tear from ur Eyes & see how many Hands r thr to Wipe it!! ”

My friendship is like onion which have many layers if u try cut it then u will have tears in ur eyes

Don`t love friend like a flower,–;–;<@ because a flower dies in season. Love them like a river,because a river-_-_-_-_-_-_- flows foreever.

I found again in the heart of a friend.”
“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care to acquire.”

There is no more sure tie between friends than when they are united in their objects and wishes.

One loyal friend is better than ten thousand family members.

Never say ur happy when ur sad , Never say ur fine when ur not ok , Never say u feel good when u feel bad, And never say ur alone when i am still alive.

Be a friend to thyself, and others will be so too.

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