Best Friend Text SMS

I m a cop and u r under arrest,
4 being what u r ?
Its illegal 2 be so sweet,
And loving as u r ,
So i here by…sentence u 2 be my…
Case closed..

This message to you,
I just had to send.
As you are someone who’s
Always so happy to lend,
So caring, sharing, loving,
Such a wonderful friend.
I hope that our friendship,
Will never ever end

Hold a true friend with both your hands,
Dont let go for a true friend comes once in a lifetime,
That’s why ì’m holdìng you tight! Cant let you go!

Frends r da laughter on a tearful day,
A frend is da advice dat shows da way.
A frend stands by u in all u do,
Thats why I m so glad that I hav U..

Hu do u think is important u or me it is u coz ur the body n im the shadow u lead i follow ill do anythin jus to be ur m8

Time would make us Forget some persons,
There would be some person who would make us to forget time ….
They are our best of best friends
Like U

Friends & Blood have only 1 difference..
Blood enters heart & flows out
Bt Frds enter heart & stay thr 4evr..

1000 reasen to make friends
One reasen to make enemy
Don’t give chance to ur friend to make enemy

A ring is round & has no end…. & that’s how long i’ll be Ur friend

Every time I hold you I begin to understand, that everything about you tells me you’re my best friend.

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