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A friend is someone
Who understands your past,
Believes in your future,
And accepts you just the way you are.

This WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN, only one thing is DEFINITE. You’ll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME & beyond DISTANCE!

6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND

Friends are like a shoes, some loose some tight, some fit just right, they help u as u walk through life. Thanks for being my size!

It’s good to have money & the things it can buy but it’s also good to check once in a while & make sure u haven’t lost the things money cnt buy…FRIENDS!

True love is like missed call,It comes to u but before u get it,It gets away…But true friends are like SMS that comes to u and gets stored in ur Inbox…

There is a golden bridge called friendship that spans the river of time and links out hearts together even if we walks separate roads of life

God has given us two gifts; One is choice & another is chance. Choice is to select a gud friend & chance is to have a best one like U

Old friends r gold. New friends may be diamond. If u get diamond, don’t ever forget the gold coz to hold a
Diamond u always need a base of gold.

Care that person who care you.Love that person who love you.Friends are i tell u ur my life.

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