Ten Sms Of Advice

For every minute of anger you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

Forget injuries, but never forget kindness

Four things never come back :
The Spoken Word,
The Wasted Time,
The Past Life &
The Neglected Opportunity.
So Think Twice, Act Wise.

Future is not what we planned for tomorrow!
It’s the result of what we do today!
Do the best in present day.
Enjoy the future.

Gain And Loss Are Not Static,
Ups And Down Are Not Permanent,
Laughs And Tears Are Not Life.
Does It Want You Think And Not What Other Think.

Give “LAUGH” 2 all
But “SMILE” 2 1
Give “CHEEKS” 2 all
But “LIPS” 2 1
Give “LOVE” 2 all
But “HEART” 2 1
Let Everybody “LOVE” u But U “LOVE” 1

Give Cheeks 2 All but..
Lips 2 Only One..
Give Laugh 2 All but
Smile 2 Only One..
Give Love 2 All but
Heart 2 Olnly One..
Let Every1 Love U but
U Love Only oneā€¦

Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your Friend
To become your enemy.

God gaved us two legs to walk,
two hands to hold,
two eyes to see,
two ears to heart,
But Y he gives U only 1 hear bcos he gave the other 1 to find

GOD is always playing CHESS with each one of us. He makes Moves in our LIFE & then sits back to see how we react to the CHALLENGES .. So make the best move before CHECKMATE..

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