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If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.

If u have a lot of tension & u get a headache, do wat it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two aspirin & Keep away from children.

If you aren’t rich, you should always look useful.

If you keep your mind sufficiently open, people will throw a lot of rubbish into it.

If you really want to give me advice do it on a Saturday afternoon between one and four oclock when youve got 25 seconds to do it between plays. Dont give me advice on Monday. I know the right thing to do on Monday.

If you take the wrong course the President bears the 462 burden of the responsibility quite rightly. The advisers may move onöto new advice.

If you want good advice, consult an old man.

If your strength is small,
don’t carry heavy burdens.
If your words are worthless,
don’t give advice.

If your words are worthless, don’t give advice. – Chinese Proverb

Ill customs and bad advice are seldom forgotten. — Benjamin Franklin

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