Sorry SMS

12 Sms Of Sorry

Although I may have a hot temper, it is not hotter than you. Please, please, please forgive me.

You are brilliant, I am not. I am sorry to have hurt you 🙁

You display abundance of patience & tolerate me, sorry, would take care next time.

I am sorry, my actions really hurt you. I am feeling sad about it. Won’t repeat.

Your smile means a lot to me, sorry to rob you of that. Won’t happen again.

I know, I shouldn’t step on your toes. Still I do. I am feeling sad and I am sorry for the same. Love you!

I know I’ve hurt u
I didn’t mean to.
I m soooo sorry
Plz forgive me!

Never apologize for how you feel,
Thats like saying sorry for being real.

I have all ways made mistakes so
has every one but my biggest mistake
is letting you go and if you take me back
I will never make a mistake as big as
this one ever again. I M SORRY

I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings
I take back my words! Hope you’ll forgive me!

Once u like someone and its lost,whether its a right decision or a wrong decision Nobody can fill their space,not even the same person again.

I want to forgive and forget. But unless you forgive, I can’t forget!

10 Text Sms Of Sorry

I am sorry for what I did. Can you give me a chance to get everything in place?

I understand I was not flowing with the stream, as was needed. Next time is never going to come. Thank you for forgiving me.

Our future hangs on this note of apology! Accept it and change my life forever.

My world is a better place because of you. Don’t walk away. I am sorry.

I apologize for doing wrong to you. Forgive me, honey!

I love you deeply and apologize for hurting you.

Accept my apologies or send me yours!

I could apologize again but would you accept it?

I said my sorry, but you still have to accept it!

Be with me forever, sweetheart. I am sorry!

10 Messages Of Sorry

For everything I did, I am sorry. I truly never meant it.

I know taking my words back won’t lessen the pain I have caused to you. I deeply regret for all the things. I am sorry.

For all my stupidity, the only thing I can ask for is your forgiveness. I am sorry!

If only I had taken this up seriously, my bad. I am sorry, I know I can’t push it back. Please accept my apologies.

I missed deadlines, I could’ve planned better. Will surely come up to your expectations next time around. I am sorry.

I am sorry, I couldn’t come up to your expectations. Will try harder next time.

The intention was not to hurt you. My bad, I couldn’t control the outcome. I am sorry.

Your trust is priceless. I want you to know that the error was inadvertent. I am sorry and I will make amends.

You are right! I was wrong and I could have handled it with more maturity. I am sorry.

I know I was wrong and I am ready to correct my mistakes. All I need is your forgiveness.

10 Sms Of Sorry

I agree, our love is incredibly potent. Sorry for casting unfounded aspersions.

I am sorry, I couldn’t handle all that stress. Won’t speak like that again.

I will never speak to you like that again. Sorry.

I mustn’t have come to work, I was not in my element. I am sorry for all the mess caused.

I didn’t want to not share and sharing caused you anxiety. These Catch-22s are tough. Sorry!

I am sure you were counting on me and rightly so, but I’m sorry for not being of much help.

I understand a “no go” is a “no go”. Sorry for pushing it, I should have pulled back.

I know I have left a mess for you to sort out; trust me, it was inadvertent. My thousand apologies.

My actions caused you anxiety and financial loss, sincerely regretted and of course, I’ll find ways to cover up for that.

I am sorry for not giving you much time. But I truly love you and want to build a concrete future for us. Trust me I do care for you.

Sorry Messages

You are my true well-wisher and I am sorry my action caused you pain. Take care.

Sorry doesn’t mean anything
when I say it to the world.
But it means the world
when I say it to you..

I Don’t Know Quite
How To Make Things Better Between Us
I Can Start By Saying
I’m Sorry
I Really am.

I am not Perfect
I make Mistakes
I hurt People
But when i say SORRY
I mean it.

I cannot bear the pain of staying away from you anymore. Please forgive me and let’s make our life beautiful again.

I would never want to lose a friend like you. I am sorry for using those harsh words. Let’s forget everything and be friends again.

What I did was foolish & impulsive.
If I could take it all back,
I’d do this so instant.
I truly didn’t mean to hurt you in any way.
I’m Sorry!!

My lies may have been the dark clouds,
but your forgiveness will be the silver lining.

Take your time,
Don’t worry.
I’ll wait forever,
If that is what
It’ll take for you
to forgive me..

I feel bad
for making you sad
I feel guilty
For making you feel iffy
I am sorry baby
Please forgive me.