Lovely Poem For Your Friend

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6 Responses on “Lovely Poem For Your Friend”

DION says:


i want to express my feeling of love,
love is the same as real person with all senses,
love like to see her lover one
love want to touch the hand of her lover
love always thinks of her/his lover
love wish to be near to his/her lover
love like to certified with lover one

Alyssa Maire says:

Ummm… who is this auther i need it for school?? This is a really good poem! Thanks for sharing it with all this people<3

sakurafannoshin says:

I love this poem, I am glad to share this poem in school, thank you ^_^

mad dog mazza says:

What a heartfelt poem!

bill says:


Dawa says:

this poem is amazing n I like it. I will share with my friends

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