Poem for a friend

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21 Responses on “Poem for a friend”

leena says:

it s very good thks

prakash says:


simran says:

bahut ache i like it very much it is meangingful

Sudhir (Lover's frnd) says:

too nice

pari says:

very good…….. touching

karishma says:

it is really a wonderful poem dat helps us 2 express our feelings 4 eachother

thereseanrose says:

the first paragraph caught my attention — it really applies to any friendship formed between to parties.

muthu says:

it s realy excellent.

amir farash says:

its so true and touching

shailendra says:

this poem is too..2222 m good and so beautiful

abhishek says:

its a nice poem….good job boss……….

rov says:

its so nice and beautiful nice one!!!

daisy says:

its so beautiful! reminds me of my dearest friend!

narinder says:

very nice

dianne says:

excellent poem! thanx… i really love it

Tha says:

What a lovely poem!

bharti says:

very nice poem

rubanni says:

very best poem………….

charity says:

this is wonderful thanks a lot to the writer

Partab says:


clauie says:

its a nice poem….

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