The Truth about Girls

The Truth about Girls
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nice picture,but i dont want to wear t-shirt like this

must have been created by a boy! dats d reason unka knowledge itna hi hai ABCDEFG!!!

nice pictures

nice picture & its the reality

i like and want to wear this type of tshirt

impressive t-shirt , i should like to purchase the same ……….!!!!!!!

i like it koz it z truth zat happen 2 me

bahut acche

I like it bcoz now days it happen in every ones life it had already happen in my life so don’t believe girls ,i want to wear this t-shirt pls can u launch in the market

thats true but not all grl’re like thats ur lucky 4get that gurl!

Hey nt all are lyk dis!!

it is completly true

its completly wrong dear…

Not all the girls like this… But it especially for that kind of girls….. How is it:)

it’s not true


vadia 22 bahut vadiaa !!! nice

only some girls are like that guys , so u must be aware of it and u must be cautious . If u r in love automatically u trust her and leaves everything for her and at last u empty ur money and u feel for it . wats this ? Dont blame gals yaar. Now a days even guys are cheating by having so many **keeps**…!

These guys r speakng lik as if they r perfect

hey tanya boys ko ko challenge mat karo>>>>

thank u dudes……….

very nice

funny ………..but it is the reality of life as well as girlz

faltu hai yaar ye pyar hi faltu hai

obvious wrdzz but it’s not true guyz…every girl iz not lyk dez types of grlzz coz every grl don’t hurt to any body … &know d importance of luv & relation’s…!…. so keep in mind plzz

True in some cases….

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