Never Trust Girls

Never Trust Girls
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174 Responses on “Never Trust Girls”

sapna says:

every girls is not as u thought.if this things boys do then. its hurting me. i also love my boyfrnd a lot but now he left me for other girl. for whom i lost my family also..but yet m waiting for him to come back. ur all pic are nice. but pls dnt upload such….

david says:


mayur says:

never trust girl

thana says:

wat a miserable experience…….
well… find a perfect partner.:) all the girls not are same as u thought n if u truly caring them…. then, of course there will be a trustable fren or gf 4 u :):)

mamta says:

all girl are not like that

kriti says:

all grls r not at all same. wt u thng boyz r trustable??? they r not. i hve experience they jus knw to play..

kanthu says:

Girls are sick of their thoughts… they never understand the truth…. lot of them have an immature mind & think themselves as the legends.. & what they think is the right one… 90% of the girls are of same psychology..

vanika says:

i m a girl nd i think boys r mre cheaters than girls they nvr care 4 others fellings bt r concerned with only themselves….they r liars.n selfish….

hitesh says:

all girls r same
d can fun vid boys and ditch him

hitesh says:

i m agree vid kanthu…
u r right

hitesh says:

never fell in love.becos girls r much psycological strong than us they have no emotions!

vaibhav says:

ya u r right kriti but 99.99% girls are of same thinking.

brino says:

galz r so rude.der trained wen der wer born hw 2 hurt guyz………..

lalit kaninwal says:

Girls are not like that u think, my gf always take care of me, never think all girls are same.

hariom says:

ye sahi nahi hai kyoki sari ladkiya ek jaisi nahi hoti. bus najar honi chahiya samajhne ki?????

kishan says:

no yaar girls r cheaters.i agree. but not all.they just need a medium 2 know the world.if u properly handle them then u will never lose them.

geet says:

dis pic is nice but why dn’t u upload the picture where a boy doing so..? boys alwez do these thing…2 gulzz.

N!Te$h says:

kishan-ur rite…
if u properly handle thm,thy jst knw da wrld…
but da medium wil b a boy…may b u or me or sme othr boy..

geet-i nvr agree wit u…
u galzz ply wit our boyzz,so v do play wit u…

boy who plays wit a girl dosnt hav a heart n that heart is broken by a girl itself…

sfeer says:

all galz are like it this way

sajid says:

all girlzz are same they r not able to trust on them they never can understand boys ,, the girlzzz r just know to break the hearts if today any of them is with one than tomorrow willl be with anyone else and its 100% truth about girlzzz ,, they never want to be with anyone ..

rabi doll says:

all girls r not like that guyzz…it depend upon u wht u think abt grlz…

sandeep says:

gals r d biggest cheater in dis wrld….
no one can compete with her in dis profession…..

LUINI says:


sandeep says:

hey luini…..
d biggest prblm of gairls r tat they never committ der mistakes….
which is proved by ur above statement…….

aman says:

yaa..grls r fake nd..they have empty personalites ..!!..dey use make up to cover it up !!

Rajat says:

I agree, they never understand the feelings of boys. They just ditch them.

kristerfliya says:

its 100% true and has been proved

vinay says:

it’s 100% true. never trust girls.

Rahul says:

n one more thing friend agr hum kisi ko hurt krte hai means cheat karte hai to woh samne wala person tut jaata hai bilkul so kuch karne se pehle ek baar ye jarur soch lo k aisa koi tumhare sath kre to tum par kaisi betegi……..
have noble thinking n understand a person a lot as u can………
bcoj true lovers kismat walo ko milte hai……
n my dear frnd pyar to apne sath bahut pain lekr aata hai but phir bhi woh hota hai acha…….

babu says:

all girls are not like that

ysh says:

thsssss is cool dude nxt to hr is brothr and will ctchng hand is b.frnd thng postive dude

Rahul says:

all girls r not same…………
dusro ka mjak udana asan hai i m satisfy with them who says all girls are not same and the person who says yes they have to go for a rescan ur brain or go to psychiatrist…………

Rahul says:

think positive…………
its just an image u r seeing only that thing what ur mind say what type of ur thinking are…….
it may the boy on whose shoulder the girl lies her head that may be her brother and the second one who is holding the hand that may be the lover of her……..
change ur cheap thinking…………
all girls nad all boys are not same……..
hath ki paancho ungaliya ek jaisi nahi hoti………
maanta hu kuch ladkiya hoti hai aisi…….
lekin ladke bhi bahut milege aise………….

zaid says:

thats true rahul i agree wid u rey all the girls r cheaters more than the boys but they dont show it outside

zaid says:

so never trust girls they jus play wid us wen they r in need of it

sugkar dev says:

Never trust girls. I too lost many thing in my life. Wasted my college life, now my qualification is just 12th STD.I have filed 3 cases in police station all because of love. NOT ALL GIRLS but MOST of them are just ruining boys life.If anybody love faithfully then he will awarded DRUGS, PAIN, TEARS, and so on not love. Girls love gold much, pure gold is not fit to ornaments that’s the way, the girls don’t like the true loving hearts. “LOVE IS GREAT IF WE GET PERFECT MATCH”

Mr. Lonely says:

This Picture izz Almost right. But sabko ye bhi sochna chahiye ki har ek ki apni feeling hoti hai .
Kisi Ko Dil se pyar hota hai, kisi ko paise se or kisi ko personality se……..
So this pic izz almost right but not for all Girls,……
My G.F. also left me But I never asked her why? even ik word bhi nahi kaha coz She izz Happy
Reason kuch na kuch to kami thi mere mein .May be Money o anything Else……
So…all have to be jst faithfull n Loyal towards her or him………“LOVE IS GREAT IF WE GET PERFECT MATCH”

vineet says:

this is right. never trust girls but boys also leave girls …
i perfectly agree with mr lonely..
we must not think what happen in past. Just hope everything will be going to be ok some day.

Mr. Lonely says:

Thanks Vineet…….For agreeing with me….

Craig says:

hey mr. lonely i knw its hard to sacrifice ur love bt its jus a bad ni8 4 u n hope u hav a gud day … n let me say a grl who left u dnt deserve to b any1 gf .. god bless the boy ..

lovehurtzz says:

well this pic is right i don’t say for all gals but for maa gf … who left me for someone else i dont care for what reason but i still love her and will love her till the end of ma lyff …. and if shes is happy with someone else then m also … with her to support her

cute.janoo_143 says:

i agree vid hitesh..All grls same..lalit kaninwal i pray to god u your gf not hurting for you., but this is not posible..u r not understand to grls..she,s not long partner…u understand after some months..some years.:)

tannu says:

Girls are not like that u think, my gf always take care of me, never think all girls are same.

aashish says:

i agree abt rahul v hv 2 change our way of thnkng..

Cool Bharat says:

all girls are not same….sum r very different…different from all oder grls!!!!

IMRAN says:


Jack says:

I agree With Imran…..! To be Happy In life…! Never Ever Trust Any Girl….! Experience makes a man Perfect..! and i have experienced Pain of getting betrayed…! So Be cool ..! Be happy ..! Never love a girl Truly and deeply..! When u lose ur loved once..! it hurts a lot..! So the Best thing u can do is ..! just flirt…!

AJAY says:


Richi says:

eh kudiyan sariyan selfish hegi……..jab kabhi jarurat padhe toh ladke se dosti kar li..aur jab koi new Handsome frnd mil jae toh bhul jaengi Purane wale ko… ek ladki k 100-100 relations… tab bhi sharam nahi inko

Nakhroo jatti says:

Oyeee !! All girls aren’t same ….at least girls are not like boys player, flirty type, and SELFISH……

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