Sony Shakoor

Sony Shakoor

Full Name
Sukhpreet Singh Brar

Nick Name

Melbourne Australia
Vaise Mera Pind Shakoor Hai Te Distt Ferozepur

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Do you enjoy scary movies?
No Way

When was the last time you said “I love you” ?
Aksar ik Gaana gauna Huna Main ” Sohniye J Kaha Tainu I Love You Vekhi Naah Na Kari”

Last time you cried your heart out?
JadoN Dooji Waar Australia Auna C Us Time

Dream job?
Koi Khaas Nhi

Most embarrassing moment?
Kujh Yaad Nhi Eda Di Moment

Are you afraid of the dark?
Yep Jadon Kite Ikalla Mehsoos Kara

Biggest achievement?
Apne Pind Nu Ik Cricket Silver Cup Jitaya C Vadia Game Khedi C Us Tournament Wich

Biggest regret?

Met the love of your life yet?

Your biggest fear?

Do you drive fast?
Yes ofcourse

What do you like most about yourself?
My Silence

The one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I Want To Control My Anger……. 🙁

Is anyone in love with you?
Apan Tan Roj Wait Karde Aa Par Koi Kehndi Nhi “I Am In Love With You”

Are you in a complicated love situation?
Nhi Ji Aje Tak Etho Tak pahunche Nhi

If you are asked to work in a movie, which star would you co-star with?
Gurdas Mann

Last book you read?
Debi Makhsoospuri’s “Umeedan De Chiraag”

Things that annoy you?

Money or Love?
Love Jo Kismat Waaleya Nu Milda Paisa Tan Har Koi kama Lainda

What do you want more than anything right now?
Jo Ditta Eh V Parmatma Di Bakhsish hai

Favorite movie of all time?
Die Hard 4 And Shaheed Eh Mohabbat

If someone tells me “I love you..”, I am likely to…
Jawab Tan Ki Dena Love You Too Keh Deyan Ge.. 🙂

If someone tells me “I hate you…”, I am likely to…
Kari Ja Tere Hate Karan Naal Ki Hunda Jad MAin Nhi Hate Karda..:)

If I meet GOD I would…
Sarbat Da Bhala Mangange Ji

How much time do you spend online daily?
About 2-3 Hours J Job Ton Thak Jaava Tan Maximum 1 Hour

Favorite destination in the world?
Mera Pind

Any thing more about you..?
Main Mitti Meri Jaat V Mitti Te Mere Gal Mitti Da Baana….Maa Meri Ne
Mitti Jammi Te Mera Babal Mitti KHaana

Bullan Nu C Haase Dinda…Mann Parchava Karda C ….Lokin Bhull Jande
Ohna Lyi….Kaun Khidauna Banda c

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Harry says:

Very nice pics heart touching. Keep it up

Garrybrar says:

Boaut sohni photo payi a sony veer heart touching yaarrr

Manjinder Brar says:

Bhaut sohnia picture bnayia ne,,,,, very nice,,

sony shakoor (aus) says:

Thanks garry veer

sony shakoor (aus) says:

Thanks manjinder bai ji

Manjinder Brar says:

so Beautiful all pictures,,,,,, and carry on sony.

sekhon says:

awsm thnkng,,,views,,,keep it up

sony shakoor (aus) says:

thanks sekhon ji

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