Crying from within…

Crying from within...
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5 Responses on “Crying from within…”

(sweety)he calls me/// says:

hii ani ur thought is really true….i have lost ma love…n i do d same…

abid says:

really true……i lost my love, she got married recently……..nights are like hell….pretending kills……….!!!!!!!!!

Ani says:

Ah…realy awful. Bt hope keeps everything alive, Abid. May b u get anothr 1 in ur life ahead who may stick to til d end of the world..!It’s sure God has somethin betr in store 4 u. So jz wait til thn..! 🙂

Muqaddas says:

Ya… i can feel it very deeply coz 1st i lost my luv n… more over later on my MOM passed away .. now em all alone .. cant say anythng cant share anythng wid any1 !!my lyf iz full of lonliness

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