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Indian Flag

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dude atleast show the map of india with the whole of jammu and kashmir..u cant forget pok even if it is occupied by pak..its indian territory

best best picccccccccccc

You should have knowledge of Geography. Change the map and put correct map if you are an Indian and love your country. This is an insult to India and all Indians.

Please revise the image… POK is still part of India…..

This map is incorrect. Remove it or put it with full Jammu and Kashmir.

Reform ur map.

best best.image

this is short plese put ful map

Ye map jisne daala hai woh deshdrohi hai… Issme poora indian map nahi hai.. Pak occupied Kashmir (POK) ko indian map me hona chahiye….

Rakesh bhaai……
Please remove this pic if u can… this map is wrong..

remove this map.. this is incorrect. where is the part of j&k

If can’t correct,please remove it!

I love my Indian jai hind

remove this pic i wanna complaint this site to police !!!!!!!!!!!immediately ok

Well, it has been occupied by Pakistan, if India doesn’t have what it takes to defend its land, they might as well give it up. Throughout history maps have changed…

If you people will upload or create some images like this beware about the issues with the borders. and right now you have made a very big mistake with the border issue which is very sensitive. just correct your mistake or remove the image. its the better way you live.

i love may india

Dear Admin,
Please remove this image as soon as possible.

Apne Desh ka taj hi nikal diya. Please remove it! Apko sunai ni deta kon hai iska admin kisne dali hai ye pic. Remove karo. Stupid

Accept the truth. That part of India is no longer under India’s control. So it might as well be removed from the map.

When India gets that land back, I will remove this map.

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