Jithon murh ke ni aauna…

Jithon murh ke ni aauna...
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8 Responses on “Jithon murh ke ni aauna…”

Ruby gill says:

Well if there’s true love between two hearts,you can find your love anywhere,no matter where you are…so no point being that disheartened and important thing even if you have lost your love, just think it was destiny,that person, wasn’t meant to be with you and so you will definitely find a person who is actually meant for you..

jass says:

i don’t believe in destiny if i love smbody i’ll wait for that person till next birth,if my love is true i’ll get it next time.

Ruby says:

I’m very sure you will get that person as probably that person do realize how true your love was…but she just feel so sorry that it’s too late when she realize it all…

jass says:

chalo atleast ohnu realize ta houga. It’s enough for me.

Ruby says:

if that is the case then you must move on in your life and find a nice life partner who will love u just as much as you do.

jass says:

jo hukam sarkaar,i’ll give it a try if u say.

ruby says:

if you want me to be happy and if you have ever loved me please please move in your life jass.i,ll be so happy if you get your smile back

jass says:

i am moving on. now stay happy forever. and bythe way m not sure about my smile.
take care

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