Never Hurt the heart that luvs u


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The rain stopped,the new life born,
the love in blood,breathing to be alive,
No money in hand ,looking for hope,
seen nothing at all,
without a desire for anything more,
The street empty,the doors closed,
Darkness envelopes,hard decision in hand,
Life is Unforgiven for me Everyday.
Clothes are torn,my thoughts not known,
Distressed and dejected i walk from door to door,
Love that was is perhaps no more,
My punishment could not have been more,
As I walk alone tired and torn,
For there is nobody look at me and everything has forgone,
Life is Unforgiven for me Everyday,
I cry but there is no one to hear not even my near and dear,
The silence haunts,without you nothing means to me at all,
I seem to be as a dead man walking ,
without any life or desire to be left like this alone,
My only desire is to be laid down on the stone,
Love that was is perhaps no more,
My punishment could have been more,
Life is Unforgiven to me till the time I live to mourn.

U r tring to sadness in a poem way its great.

Awesoooooooooooom ! yew have seen and felt lyf by ya soul … i loved wht yew have written! Cheeeeeerz!!

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