Peer Baba Rode Shah Ji

Peer Baba Rode Shah Ji
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13 Responses on “Peer Baba Rode Shah Ji”


I would like to be the disciple of Peer Baba Rode Shah Ji,and embraced him,how i can get started .information would be appreciated.

kc says:

This is not known but a sufi saint by the name of Baba Rode Shah had grace on my granddad…I have personally witnessed many hazris & miracles..I can try to provide u as much info as I can only if you believe me. Dhan Baba Ji.

sara says:

Hi dear sir
This is not Islam with all my respect

vikas says:


Rajan Singh Patialvi says:

Thanks all my friends.
For comment and share your views

mandeep says:

i really love peer baba ji and i like to spend my more time in dergah..

Vishu says:

Jai baba rode shah ji

Depp says:

Urs Peer baba Rode Shah at Nawa Gaon , Near P.G.I. Chandigarh.On 28th July 2011. All day all Night. Mehfil By Gurdas Mann , aslam Bazmi Sabri, Tehsin Intezar,Taslim Sabri and riasat Iqbal. )9814143951

rahil says:

May peace be with Babaji and its belivers…this is India and its culture is great Islam is a great religion for there is one God,its most liberal if understood well,just spread love and peace if you ve the patience it will come back to you with lots of grace you just need to understand for God is great.

Vikas Arora says:

babaji i will always follow u

rishabh says:

i love you baba ji……your blessings are always with me…thank you

ambika prasad says:

my grandparents believed in peer baba so do i.i would love to get more information about peer baba and would like to contact any priest at peer baba temple Please help me.Thank you
Ambika Prasad

Gurvinder Singh Patialvi says:

Thanks all for their response.

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