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Do you enjoy scary movies?

When was the last time you said “i love you” ?
A few minutes ago 🙂

Last time you cried your heart out?
Sister di marriage te..

Dream job?
To become number one designer.

Are you afraid of the dark?
No, I enjoy it 🙂

Biggest achievement?
Designing of a silver coin – 300 Saal Guru De Naal.

Biggest regret?
I wanted to do Law but could not do due to some reasons.

Met the love of your life yet?
No, still searching…..

Your biggest fear?

Do you drive fast?
Yeah avg speed = 60-70 kmph 😀

What do you like most about yourself?
Ability to make others happy.

The one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I am absent minded..

Is anyone in love with you?
Many 🙂 but not sure whether I love them too :p

Are you in a complicated love situation?

If you had a super power, what would it be?
Would like to eradicate poverty.

If you are asked to work in a movie, which star would you co-star with?

Last book you read?
I don’t have time to read books 😀 too busy doing work on Internet :p lol

If you are marooned on an island you would like to be with?
wife ofcourse [ searching till now :)]

Things that annoy you?
When some one interfere in others personal life.

Money or Love?
Both have own importance
Pyaar ta gharo bada mil reha hun paise di lodd hai 🙂

What do you want more than anything right now?
Friends on whom I can rely upon

Favorite movie of all time?
Lamhe – Anil Kapoor

If someone tells me “I love you..”, I am likely to…
Be shocked 😮

If someone tells me “I hate you…”, I am likely to…
Find a reason why some one hates me.

If I meet GOD I would…
Like to hug him.

How much time do you spend online daily?
4-5 hours.

Favorite destination in the world?
Star Cruise – A ship

Any thing more about you..?
If you want to know more about me try finding my emotions in my pictures 🙂

Pictures submitted by Gurvinder Singh Patialvi

150 Responses on “Gurvinder Singh Patialvi”

punu says:

good rajan ji, lge rho

prince arora says:

hi bro! ur pics r nice keep it up… i suggest u to watch MTV ur innovation ll b enhanced aftr that in designing..

prabh says:

hey rajan, your work is really imaging and out standing .i wanna say something to u to motivate u for ur work and also for ur life …

You Can Win Life
By All Means
If You Simply Avoid
Two Things


The Most Determinative & Motivating
Sentence Which should Always
Be Followed In Life.
Because I Haven’t WON Yet”

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks ji prabh ji……

bus tuhadi duava chahidia ne ji….

kamaljit says:

ssa …..bahut badiya ji lagya thude bare jan k …may god bless u

rajan singh patialvi says:

Thanks kamal ji….sade bare tusi janya ji

reena yadav says:


kaise ho ji welcom metro station thik se pahuch gaye the yaa nhi ,site thik hi hai. When u read this msg then rply me ok & when u coming again delhi to see INDIA GATE.

rajan singh patialvi says:

Thanks reena ji….is site te welcome…

Hanji metro station nal hi c…time v bhut save hoya…Rain v c, ghar late hon karke daant v pyi c.
hanji jaldi awanga india gate..Milange ji jrur.
Is site te FORUM v use karna….
baki thanks for reply….

gurleen sohal says:

sat shri akal ji,
rajan, yr pics r very nice
god bless u for future achievements

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks sohal ji…

thanks for your wishes

PaM KaUr says:

bahut badiya ji lagya thude bare jan k …
may god bless u my frd
nice pic jiiiiiiiiii

rajan singh patialvi says:

Pam Kaur ji…..

apji da bhut bhut dhanvadi aa,
jo meri pics. nu pasand karde ho,
tuhadi Blessings mil jandia han, oh hi sadi lyi bade Mann wali gal hai….
thanks for your bleesings

PaNNu751 says:


rajan singh patialvi says:

yaar mukhra ta RAB ne jive da dita PARWAN hai…
kariye lok sewa Wallpaper Bna k ehi armaan hai,
PAGG ta sikhi di shaan hai,jachde rahange
Jo marzi keh bura ni mande, Asi sada hi HASDE rahange

PaNNu751 says:

ok good veer ji
main te majak kar reha c……….

rajan singh patialvi says:

yaar mai kehra tension le li…
baki thanks mainu comment karan layi

Er. Davinder Kokri says:

Nice pic Brother,,,,and nice collection of pics,,,or ik gal hor brother tere profile bhut vadia laggi,,,,keep it up brother ,,,,,May God Bless U,,,,

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks veere…tuhadi v collection kamaal di hundi aa, hanji hun mai jada apni photography karda..apni photos to hi pics bna lainda…
baki tuhadi v GREAT JOB bro…I salute you..

Theo says:

Low…I’m sorry…i’m not speak Hindi or English…
My name is Theo 20m 48 168 Indonesian
what u like?

rajan singh patialvi says:

Thanks THOE ji…..
I like photography and traveling….

**SARAH** says:


rajan singh patialvi says:

Thanks Sarah ji….

Er. Davinder Kokri says:

Most Welcome bro ,,,,,, for First Position ,,,,,,,,congrats,,,,,,May God Bless U 🙂 Good Job bro,,,,,,,keep It up,,,,,

rajan singh patialvi says:

thank u veere…
bas tuhade varge Veeran da pyaar milda rahe..first second postion da koi roulla ni

we are member of one family & you are my elder brother..

nikki says:

hi ur pix r nice bt not so gud plz dnt mind bt menu wadia nai lagia ida lagda 1st position de chakar wich jo milea chaap dita if u dnt lik this so sorry 4 that bro bst of luck 4 next

rajan singh patialvi says:

like me or hate me, i don’t care….

PANNU751 says:

kidha mera designer brother?
bhut sohna kam kar reha hai tu mere veer
lagga reh,,,,,,,,,,

rajan singh patialvi says:

haan veer….lage pe haan..
new to new tra da kam karan…
jo alag hoe…t
mai spl. Amritsar v aa reha….12 nu
photography karan de lyi
ta jo new to new pics. bna saka

PANNU751 says:

jaldi aaja veer
i’m waiting dear…….

rajan singh patialvi says:

yaar kii wadi lol ho gyi..mai
aya amritsar rati 9 wje phounchya ,
us to agle din hi sham vapis ana pya..
koi emergancy a gi…mai 3 din rukna c

MERI sari photography da program adha reh gya.
mai sirf GOLDEN TEMPLE kol photography kiti aa

claudia costa(brazilian) says:

im from brazil(rio de janeiro)
i m fan of film indian
i like this photo rajan

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks !! claudia costa(brazilian)

lovely says:


PrEEt BhiNdEr says:

really nice pics bro!!! gud keep it up!! may god bless you

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks preet bhinder ji….
tusi v photoshop da acha use karde ho…
kafi acha way hunda tuhada…

Arsh Kokri says:

Nicf pictures bro!!! Keep it up…..

rajan singh patialvi says:

thanks arsh ji…
tuhada v punjabi pics. ch jawab nahi…
mai ta VOTE v karda..
tuhadi punjabi pics. nu

amar says:

ssa ji rajan paji hor sab thik hai paji tusi wallpaper bahut wadiya bna rhe ho paji bas lage raho cakdo phatte burrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

PANNU751 says:

veer ji
hun kdo darshan dene han sannu???????????

punika says:

rajan ji….sat shri akal…
tuhadi pic. collection bhut achi hundi hai.
lage raho…BEST OF LUCK…

rajan singh patialvi says:

tusi mere wallpaper like karde ho..
bus tuhadia best wishes mildia rehan
hor ki chaida…

rajan singh patialvi says:

Pannu veer….
haje ta koi chance ni yaar
2 month tak…uthe aan da

Thanks Punika…..
hanji lage rahange ji…

palwinder says:

ssa rajan veere….
tuhadia pictures bhut hi nice hundia ne…
very good bro…keepit up…
tuhada orkut te account ki hai veere

Coolpunjabigirl says:

rajan g its a veri veri good awesome collection…..
god bless u nd may god fulfill ur dream 2 be d no 1 designer….
god bless.

davinder says:

inaa ghatia kamm awwwwwww

Rajan Singh says:

ssa palwinder ji….thanks for comment…
orkut te mera rajan singh patialvi naam te hi account hai ji…..

Cool Pujaban: thanks fro comment jii…

**SARAH** says:

Such an excellent job…
You are gifted…
I like your concepts a lot…
Keep sharing.

????? s??ß says:

ssa rajan veere bahut vadiya kam krde oo tusi ta rooh khush ho gyi tuhadiyan snapps dekh ke … rabb kre tusi ik din no. one ban jao .. but saade lyi ta tusi no. one ee oo .

Mahal saab says:

ssa rajan veere bahut vadiya kam krde oo tusi ta rooh khush ho gyi tuhadiyan snapps dekh ke … rabb kre tusi ik din no. one ban jao .. but saade lyi ta tusi no. one ee oo

Rajan Singh Patialvi says:

Such an excellent job…
You are gifted…
I like your concepts a lot…
Keep sharing.

thanks sarah ji……….

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