Gippy Bal

Gippy Bal

Full Name
Gurjinder singh

Nick Name
Gippy Bal


Facebook Profile
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Do you enjoy scary movies?
Yes, I do.

When was the last time you said “I love you” ?
Hahahhahah aa time ta kade ayea ni

Last time you cried your heart out?
Jad mera koi khas meri duniya to door hoea c

Dream job?
Supnea da kade end ni hunda..bas ik pehchan ban jave ohi bhut aa

Met the love of your life yet?

Your biggest fear?

Do you drive fast?

What do you like most about yourself?
Ahhi k main kade jldi Gussa ni krda 😛

Is anyone in love with you?

Are you in a complicated love situation?

Last book you read?
Dilan de dard

Money or Love?

If someone tells me “I hate you…”, I am likely to………..

How much time do you spend online daily?…..
8 hours

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18 Responses

Nice photo veer

Bhut vadia Bal saab……..

Thnkuu preet padda jii

pic bahut kaim aa 22

looking rocking baby….superb!! 🙂

Bhutt vadiaa bhajiii

THNKUU RAnja veer ji

thnkuu khushwinder bro

thnkuu Preet Motto ji



Thnku Koka nd Rukman ji

wlcm ji

AwEsOm pIc.

hi gippy ji I like ur pics can u give me ur email id I can send u more

I am live in usa

Yeah anjali sure…..My email id .u also add me on facebook….sO SECRH Gippybal92

thnku Anand veer

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