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Gagandeep Kaur

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A word that describes you best?

Do you enjoy scary movies?

When was the last time you said “I love you” ?
Not yet

Dream job?
To become a successful web designer

Most embarrassing moment?
When I got only 75% marks in MCA

Are you afraid of the dark?

Biggest achievement?
Yet to come. Abhi to puri zindagi padi hai

Met the love of your life yet?
Not yet

Your biggest fear?

Do you drive fast?
Gaddi mera driver chalanda

What do you like most about yourself?
My honesty

The one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Easily trusting anyone

Are you in a complicated love situation?
Not yet

If you had a super power, what would it be?
Power to command

If you are asked to work in a movie, which star would you co-star with?
John Abraham and Shahid Kapoor

Last book you read?
Dot net di si but name yad nahi

If you are marooned on an island you would like to be with?
Hubby (Husband)

Money or Love?

What do you want more than anything right now?

Favorite movie of all time?
HDDCS, Titanic

How much time do you spend online daily?
Kbhi 1h, kbhi 2hr

Favorite destination in the world?

Any thing more about you..?
Nothing. Ehna bhut hai

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196 Responses

Hiiii……… How r u……

hi gagan u r nyc artist keep it up


ssa reet great thinking…

hlo gagandeep ki hal a…

Nic a jiiiiii

hi.thanx 2 all.

very nice pics…keep it up

thanx sharan

nice pics

hiiiiiiiiiii nic

hi sis s s a tusi bohat soahniya pic bnade ho
keep it up, sis mainu v dasso a pic tusi kida bna lainde ho main v bnana chundi han pic plzzzz sis reply jror kareyo thxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi gagan. I don’t know u, But ur creativity n thinking is best, which i like most. Keep going straight. My best wishes r with u.

thnx 2 all rupinder,sahity,rajwinder,pawan

good lines

gagan j nahi dasSna chundi tan kah dena cahida c saff k sorry nahi dass sakdi

hiii dear….how are you…..i want to talk to you…..

rawinder ewe d koi gl n tusi photoshop s/w sikho.mai us s/w ch hi bnayiya ne eh pics.photoshop s/w ae webdesigning da.

Hi Dear Reet howz u ???? humne aapki profile dekhi….i’ll wish for u dear…aap apni life me hamsesha khush rehe or aap k saare dreamssss sach ho jye……..plz add me in facebook this is my id
bye bye gud bless u tak care ur self……..

oh thanku rohit.

hi gagan u r nyc keep it up

hi….gagandeep ji tusi …great ho yaar…we are proud of you dear…carry on….take care….happy new year….REgds
sanju ludhiana..

thanku u so much for liking
karam and sanju.

hi gagan ssa ji ki haal ne

hey! babe, i think u r a great artist.

oh thanx david.

hey! gagan awesome work, i ve no word….
God Bless you!

thanku harpreet

galt gal a eh tuhadi

nice profile gagandeep…..nd nice style+pics……well done

thanku avneet

Nce….keep it up

thanx aryan

Well done Gagan.. keep it up…

thanks manjit

Hello ji

hello gagan best of luck

Nice thinking

thank you amit,gurlan and pavan

hi…….osum gagan i like it………

thanku honey for liking

kade sda no dial karo ggn 9781569422

your profile and you so good


thanku gagandeep and karandeep

hello gagan ji hru i gurpreet singh frm patiala married

hi gurpreet.m fine

Nice pic gagan ji ,i like ths,

Nice pic gagan ji ,i like ths, thuda profile bahut vadea ji, rabb sonu hor sucsesful bnave

thanks japinder singh

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