Men are just like that…

Men are just like that
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16 Responses

its true

its true n its realty which guy dun wana accept

its true but if a girl do these all thngs all the bosy ll say the same thng soooooooooooooooooooooo its true but boys dont wanna accept ths…………..

Its True but I’d say 1 thing dat every1 is not same … and if girl have Feelings den Boy also… If boys Ditched Girls den Girls also…
i m boy i accept dat boy r Flirter but again … Evenry1 is not same ….

Sorry if i said anything Wrong .. Bless u all ..

the same is true for girls too!

Hey ths is so true abt men..
But all r not so…
90% r the way u said..
But some r really angels who love very true…

It is just so true… never trust a guy ever in your life….It hurts a real bad….

hey it really touch my heart bt according to me same can also be implemented on few girls too

Its realy true……most guys are like that

it’s true..

hey all of u….. what u think u are….
what u know abt boys.. he is a hero when u r in trouble, he is a father when u crying, he is a friend when u r worry, he is a body guard when u r disturbed by others,,,, and still u all complaning…
it is not good to judge all the boys, by your bad experience….
there r still RAMARs in this world… who untill now finding for A SEETHA…….i believe u all understand….

nice bt something 2 tell u that if a boy really loves u he’ll never leave u in any condition bt if the boy is using d gal 4 time pass then he might do so……..bcoz he doesn’t love d girl so if d girl is hurted it’ll b no issue 2 him……..2nd mostly boys do smoke bt few don’t also i personally don’t l
ike so does that mean we r nt gentleman??

If you don’t let him speak with girls, he’ll say you are jealous, if you let him he’ll say you don’t love me.

in my thinking all boys are the same

Anamika aisa nahi hai shabhi ladke ek jaise nahi hote…

ha ha ha ha …..for all girls who think in the same way……go to hell….

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