Little angel

little angel
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shruti says:

i wish My baby should be like her…..

Maria says:

Children are a gift from GOD,you should accept them as they come,they are yours to love and mold to the image of our creator. “Perfect Baby” is a definition that defers as widely as the parents do. No one meaning applies to any baby. Mine does look like this precious picture, because he is with my LORD. His name is GABRIEL

nayana says:


angel says:

that baby looks so sweet =)

Florence says:

thats one of the sweet pics ive ever seen

hailee says:

aww so cute <3

hailee says:

i think tht is just precious!!!!!SO CUTE!!!

gurmeet says:

i want a girl like this frm GOD

Kala Rani says:

sooooooooooo cute looks like a angel i pray the God my baby should be like her

Girish says:

must kiss the hands of maker

Liz B says:

it’s beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this. Children are angels god’s gift of child.

Teresa Arriaga says:

I am so lucky to have a little angel just like the one on the photo… I am so sorry he is heaven for real… never the less I dream of him every night!
Raphael is the name of my little real angel.

shiva says:

sweet & lovely

tina says:

How precious! I just love the baby angels! I think they are so adorable!

pooja says:

sooooo sweeeeetttt

Ramya says:

very cute baby

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