Sandeep Kumar

The Eternal Charm

the eyes of you,
are beautiful its true ;
the beauty of your eyes,
beyond the description of mine ;
wish to praise the innocence of your eyes ,
but no word in.vocabulary of mine .
the rhythm in your voice ,
like a symmetry in a piece of art ; the sweetness of your voice ,
just enough to enchant my soul ;
the melodies in the tone of thine , touched the heart of mine.
the glossy locks of you,
are adorable its true ;
and the ideal glance of you,
is like a transcendental view ;
the only wish of mine ,
to see the smiling face of thine.

My pen is gathering no words

My pen is gathering no word ;
wish to praise innocence of u
wish to admire the inner beauty of u
wish to appericiate the beauty of ur soul
but ;
My pen is gathering no words.

then pen argues to me
what would u write for an unseen
politely i smiled
said to pen
the unseen is much visible than the seen
the unseen is much adorable than seen
the unseen is much divine than seen
My pen is gathering no words
in fact pen have no word to match u
this the reason my pen is gathering no word
pen is gathering no word

I Won’t Love You Anymore!

It was past when I used to praise you
Close to me you were, loved by me then
Had I ever mistaken somewhere?
You went away and made my life a hell

Loved by you I felt warmth in your cuddles
Alone you were to make my way out in hurdles
Things changed so soon I couldn’t believe
Whom I loved so deeply how he can deceive?

Time didn’t stop, it passed, so my memories
Rarely but in silence somewhere I miss you
Last night I cried when I knew you were in blue
Now I know what you were to me, wasn’t true

I won’t come to you dear to soothe
That time to me how you were rude
I am not happy but I remember that day
Till months I burnt in grief, feeling disgraced

Time has made me happier than ever
No more I need any person’s favor
You cut what you have ripped once
Terribly alone would be you my dear
But this time not again I will b to share…
You don’t deserve my sympathy any more
Better you die before coming to my door
I have my love still in my heart saved
It is not so cheap to shower on you
It will be forever with me in my grave..

Alone Always I Walked

Alone always I walked on the street
Unnoticed, tried to vanish in the mist
My heart always pondered of grief n agony
It had been years since I laughed merrily

People side to me used to praise then
I worked heartily to fulfill their expectations
Never turned back to see where I had come
Very far from others I felt like numb

Then I had many dreams in my eyes
Now I had to prove dreams of others true
For they are my well wishers n friends
I’ll have to do even if I feel blue

Screamed my soul, my heart got wounded
Never cared of but endeavored to be decent
Though the scars of grieves were prudent
None could find the truth I was lucky
My smile even in worst days became mystery
Tears rolled from my eyes in rain

My sadness never tried to refrain
My fake smiles n cheap amusement

I lived a life which was never mine
To my conscience I always lied
I became a person having no dreams
No expectations, had only self pride

I lost so far many things in my life
None could become my friend ,but strife
Was only pal lived with me forever
Proudly I’ll say “ the world I disguise”
When you can’t ever make me happy
Please don’t cry too on my sad demise…

Race Of Life

You are in the race of life
you face happiness n also strife
Success kisses u n make u eminent
and failure cause u to faint

People coming side to you won’t b forever
Things may worsen ,we won’t b together
Learn to live life n tackle hurdles
Be eager of taking alone the burdens

It is not like u win every moment
Loss may let u feel penance
You work harder and never leave
only way of success to retrieve

The world cant make u feel disgraced
U r a blessed undefeated raider
u will have to keep on the legacy cause
the world is our father’s monarchy