Misses Those Things

I have a life,
a life of my own,
with friends, and family….
new things coming by,
but still, misses those things.

I am older,
making my own decisions,
with many things to explore….
new challenges coming by,
but still misses those things.

Had money to buy,
purchasing my own things,
with many things to own….
new mode of enjoyment coming by,
but still misses those things.

As I drive by,
watching many things moving by,
with many places to visit….
and new maturity coming by,
but still misses those things.

Yes I miss that,
and know its going by,
those lovely times to spend….
no worries, only play,
and the simplicity I had.

Yes it was childhood,
admiring and surprised,
loving each moment as it comes….
and loving the stillness,
caring and loving to get.

I have to move on,
taking new responsibilities,
as the time passes by….
and keep the memories with me,
but still I misses those things.

The Green Meadow

A smooth breeze around me,
and the trees by my side,
as being close to the nature,
I walk on the green meadow.

Ahh, what a lovely sight,
with the dogs are playing,
and the birds chirruping,
on a lovely green meadow.

Yes indeed its a place,
a place to have some rest,
to share your joy and sorrow,
it is the green meadow.

As I sat under a tree,
with sunshine over my face,
taking few moments to relax,
on this green meadow.

I saw the children playing,
running and jumping on their way,
bringing back those childhood memories,
having fun on this green meadow.

With it I started wondering,
what would have been a life,
a life of cities and big towns,
a place without a green meadow.

where will those children play,
get the exprience of the breeze,
a chance to be close to nature,
with a green meadow.

cutting trees, making houses,
and malls and the industries,
where will they get a chance,
to see a green meadow.

I only pray to the god,
that human will think,
and for the sake of humanity,
save this precious…the green meadow.
Posted by mk at 7:13 AM

I Am Not Like You

At this world, in your life,
you make money to survive,
you have been hardworking & sincere,
become skillful & perform jobs here.

I may not be sincere & hardworking,
not as skillful as you have been,
but one thing, i want to say to you,
that my friend, i am not like you.

I may pass days wondering,
unmindful of works here occuring,
you may call me mad and think,
that i am not like you.

But i can imagine, can explore,
can see things beyond yours,
can see a picture and go into it,
and can feel emotions there.

I can make my own world,
with its own structure and system,
can feel the love and emotion,
being a part of my own compassion.

I can here the voice of cuckoo,
in a hot summer day,
can enjoy the wind and wet air,
in a tough humid day.

I may not get a name,
get some riches and fame,
but one thing satisfy as a whole,
that i get happiness inside my soul.

You can laugh & make fun of me,
got angry or scold me,
but, real human nature known by few,
as my friends….. i am not like you.

A Bit Of Inspiration

A bit of inspiration, that it is,
we get from everywhere,
A bit of inspiration, of which is,
taken by us in life, to share.

We think of past, we think of future,
from which the knowledge we always nurture,
and for the present, we always so sure,
make our hard time to endure.

But what it is, the inspiration,
giving our life a mission,
for it will, where we go,
good or bad, whichever it show.

Inspiration of kind, there if any,
taken by us, one or many,
money, love, lust, anger as a factor,
used to build up a character.

Then there is something called conscience,
knowledge, experience, as to say,
as it takes us in right direction,
showing on the way, our destination.

So, its the duty of the society,
for showing us the light of the sun,
as we cannot say in individual level,
The right bit of inspiration.