Are you one among them?

There was a day
When we were just strangers…
Days passed and so did the weeks,
Neither you nor me knew
How we became too close.
I hesitated for a moment
Turned around and looked back for my past
Walking along the lanes of life
Some came with a flattering smile
And some others owned a fake mind
Are you one among them?

Resting In Peace

With the wind beating around me,
I walked along the lonely lanes,
I waited for your arrival,
When I’d fears I came to you.
Each time I looked into your eyes
Nothing could I find but calmness
You waved me back to home
And never let me know
How you stole my heart
But today, your silence haunts me
I held my breath to hear your footsteps
In the nightmare of dark
I fainted in your arms
As I lay with half-closed eyes
You did know, I’d lay still forever
You let my soul go with you
In the cold night, on the icy snow
I lay there resting in peace.

I Saw You

I saw you dancing in the rain,
Your smile made me crazy.
You looked beautiful,
When you are thoughtful.
But you never knew,
You were being watched.
I remember the day,
You came to me for a pen,
And I had none.
You made my night sleepless
Each moment I closed my eyes,
I saw your face.
I was confused in placing you,
Either in my heart or in my eyes.
Still there was something that kept us apart
Never did I knew its reason
And on that fateful day
You went miles away
Leaving me alone in the dark
Yet your smile never did fade
Rather pricked my heart like a spade
Nothing can replace you
Neither spring nor autumn
Now, whenever it rains
My eyes still awaits you…

Still Remember The Day…

I still remember the day,
When you glanced & turned me grey,
You thought me to be special,
But I waved it as usual…
Nothing could you find but plead
And this made my heart bleed…
When I was in vain,
You felt the pain…
Nothing could I forget,
But I’m not to regret…