School Days

I walked through the gate of my old school,
Seeing myself with my friends, acting cool.

But now I am alone and with no friends,
My school days are over, the fun just ends.

I walked on the path, on which I walk several years ago,
Where I smile, laugh and cry but now am that so.

Slowly I opened the door of my old class room,
Seeing myself fighting with my friends with old broken broom.

But now only memories are here with me and I am alone,
I wish those good days could come back but they are gone.

Suddenly I realize years ago my heaven was here,
I see myself talking and murmuring with my friends everywhere.

I remember all my friends, whom I met on every sunrise,
“I really miss you all”, I said with tears in my eyes.

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28 Responses on “School Days”

syah says:

dear shivani,

i just love to read this poem…it recalls my memories when i was in school.
good job.

abhi says:

really this is the best poem. i like this poem so much……-)

loveleensharma says:

this is the best poem. i like this poem so much

Anu says:

Yeah……my eyes fill wth tears wen i read it.
I recalls d golden part of my life……ma schl days.

Ak says:

Nice one,i remembered my all school mates, greatone

ad says:

Dear shivani,
this is one of the best poem.missing old wonderful days.

vishal says:

Hello shivani ,
i have just read your poem & i got upset
because i am also remembering my school days .. my friends , my teachers . i am missimg them …
your poem is really heart touching …
“the most wonderful poem i have read till now” . …….. thank you !

soniya das says:

i m a sufferer of loosing my golden heven school days..
but ur poem really melt my pain a bit..
its good..:-D

pooja ratha says:

Hey shivani…..ur poem so lovely…..i rembr my schl dys nd my teachrs my sweet frnds….

syedasumayya says:

i miss my schooldays very much this poem reminds me of golden school days

sanjay sharma says:

hi Shivani,iam just read your is heart touching.after reading it i remember my school friends.

Asit says:

nice1 dudu.. really missing those dayz…

akash says:

tnks shivani for the poem , even my eyes are filled with tears00

Ajib khiul says:

Tears rolled down…its really touchng…thnx 4 dis wonderful job.., Shivani.!!

Mayank Sehra says:

Such a lovely poem it is..
Its a reality of all students in a school life..

Aman :( says:

yaar shivani…this is 1 of d best poem..its really touchng ..really missng dos days :’)
yar kahan gaye vo din :`(

shivika sharma says:

hey shivani it’s an awsome poem i should say it’s not a poem it’s your feelings which are really great

sandya says:

cute poem.good job.

ankita khade says:

reallly nice… its true. i too miss those golden days

Vishnu says:

this poem took me too my school”Sri. ramakrishna matric hr.sec school,Coimbatore” with tears….

Navss says:

awsm poem yaar

shiv pratap says:

Really an awsome poem..loved it..done a grt job..

shiv salunke says:

hey guys this is me your alls shivani the writer of this poem today i feel so glad n happy n i am having little tears in my eyes today after reading of all your comments …………………………..THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS

malu says:

thanx 4 this poem

malu says:

wonderfull job thanx 4 this poem

Sawsan Turki says:

I am an English teacher. I wonder if I can use your poem for my class.
Best regards.

Ezekiel Iyamu says:

I love this poem…… It reminds me of my school experience

Dastan says:

Hey shivani, this is one of the best friendship poem i ever read,yar phirse school jaane ko mann kr raha hai.

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