School Days

I walked through the gate of my old school,
Seeing myself with my friends, acting cool.

But now I am alone and with no friends,
My school days are over, the fun just ends.

I walked on the path, on which I walk several years ago,
Where I smile, laugh and cry but now am that so.

Slowly I opened the door of my old class room,
Seeing myself fighting with my friends with old broken broom.

But now only memories are here with me and I am alone,
I wish those good days could come back but they are gone.

Suddenly I realize years ago my heaven was here,
I see myself talking and murmuring with my friends everywhere.

I remember all my friends, whom I met on every sunrise,
“I really miss you all”, I said with tears in my eyes.

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pankaj gupta says:

hey its a nice i hd evr read …………if ur on facebook plzz send me req……..i wana be ur friend

karan says:

hi yarrr its nice if you have account on orkut please send me request i wana make u be friend

deepthi says:

gr8 re…

Jaykishan says:

The same feelings which I couldn’t expressed because such meaningfull words which get from this poem…
Really nice…Touch d heart…

ravi says:

NYC very nyc

deepak says:

heart touching!!! great!!

joan says:

can I copy this poem .. shivana .because it is a cute poe?m ..good job.

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