I’m Sorry

You’re going through a tough time,
and “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough
to express the way i feel.

But maybe if i told you
I believe in you
and i know your strengths
and i know you’ll be okay,
it’ll help you see yourself
the way i see you…

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2 Responses on “I’m Sorry”

sam says:

i love this poem it help me say what i feel to my boy friend

Jeanette Bober says:

Marion, I am so sorry that I wasn’t the friend that you deserve. I don’t deserve to have you as a friend, please forgive me., you’ve been so kind and so good to me no matter what. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve to have met you in my life but you were and are important to me.
I ask you for your forgiveness. my whole life I never stop to smell the roses my life has been like a freight train. I love you with all my heart. Jen

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