I hate to be blame for the things I didn’t do
I hate to hurt someone, especially you.
I hate to do this, but what else can I do?
If I know that I can never have you…

I hate to take blame on something other’s do
For I already had enough so much things to do.
I hate to leave you like this
So I hope my friend, you’ll forgive me with this.

Forgive me for I have hurt you
Please, forgive me for leaving you.
Most especially, forgive for I love you…
Because you love me, I can never blame you…

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6 Responses on “Blame”

Quiana says:

I think that,that was a very good and a person would understand what your trying to say to that person they would understand what your saying.


imran dogar says:

life is like ice
before its melt
its enjoying

japjot says:


jaismeen bhatia says:

good person’s can only understand this great poem

jaismeen bhatia says:

i was looking for this poem that touchs my heart

Lily says:

that was great, i’m going through a tough time at the moment and that was a BIG help to me:)

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