I walked thru’ the road silent in night
No man till far was in my sight
Frozen dew on leaves were resting
I found was very soothing

I heard my conscience talking to me
My heart got in talk with glee
How from the crowd I am kept away
How my own had betrayed…

I sweated for my success always
Loved all as much as I can
They too valued me, wished of me
Benevolent I was, in the society

My love was my only hope
Had promised, won’t leave me ever
That black day she too left me lonely
I entered the world of grief & agony

Since then trust never was my pal
Was screwed up, wounded in hurdles
Hated I am was, left alone screaming
It was only dark whom I could cuddle

The road has come to the end now
Didn’t achieve but lost lot on my way
Alas! Tomorrow will be my last day
Don’t ever come to my grave
There u will get only… silence

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