PLEASE come back

The day i met you
i never think it make us a close friends.
You always make me feel very special.,.

One day you said dat “YOU love Me”,
dat was a special day for me ,
as i am waiting for this
I never showed you ‘I Love You Too”

Things went wrong from my side,
i tried to control but i can’t.
I was crying and crying like a child.
No one by my side to hug me and understands me
you are the one, who always do this.

I felt heart broken,
I tried to hold you , but i am failed,
I am Too LATE to express my feelings .,.

You left me forever in to peices ,
My SORRY no where for you…
i am waiting you may come back
hug me as you do,love me as you do ,,,

Ahhhh …. how do i get you back
Please come back
PLEASE come back

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4 Responses on “PLEASE come back”

Emelyn says:

hi…i like your poem..everytime i got into desicomments…im always reading new poem…and i was really amaze by your poem…it straits from the heart…
i cant help but cry…
cause im a brokenhearted girl..huhuhuhu…
if you don’t mind i just wanted to make friends with you…

if,,,it is ok..?

tan says:

thanx dear

bianca says:

great poem tan i like it

bianca says:

im ok how u doing thanks for reading my poem write me back asap bye god bless.

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