the nevers in life
are endless.
he wont ask me out
he still loves his ex
he has a girl
he just dumped me
he is popular
he dont like me
he wants to kill me…
for you theres only one…
“you hurt me so
bad and i have a
broken heart that
can never be
fixed again
and the scars of your
name carved into
every bit of skin i could”
ive had many
therepists but
theres only one
that i really want…

i died inside
when you pulled
me close to say
you loved
someone else..
and not me..
and no one
can ever see
me again
not even you
i am
locked away
trying to escape
insanity and
i dont belong..
and never have
and youll
never come save me
from hell and
the never ending shadows
killing me..
theres only
three words
ill never be
able to say to
you again…
“I love you.”

Category: Sad Poems

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Juneah says:

To error is human, to love is devine…

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