O’ Mirror,I’m here once again
Standing restless and full of pain…

Tryin’ to see the image through
A ghost! or its me again…?

I’m Feeling like a parted star,
goin’ away from moon with no gain!

Where are those yearning eyes..?
Will they be spiritful again…?

Where are the sparkling glows..?
O! alas, they’re pouring flows again…

O’ My mirror, my good old fellow,
From life’s wine, becoming empty again…
Losing the wings slowly, craving to fly again…

I made several attempt for the same,
To fly without wings, but all in vain..!

A fist full of dust and soil..?
It’s the gift from you I gain…

Show me what’s on your palm..?
My future, or wrinkles, greys, pain….

The image in you doesn’t depict me,
Why are you halving it this way…?

The pleasing part for you,
My bitterness and heart full of pain..

The only thing I desire from you,
Is to show that lively image again…

Category: Sad Poems

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