Last Wish

It was June
and i was waiting for the moon
cos it was someones birthday
i tried hard to be free that day
but i was busy in every way
why does my heart cares you so much
and why iam comfortable only with your touch
thinking of this i couldn’t sleep whole night
and i prayed everything to be alright
i was happy cos i was the first one to wish you
and next year there will be someone with you
may be you will forget me
i know your wife n how is she
i also pray to keep you both happy
but my heart is unhappy
im going to miss you everywhere
cos you were the person with whome i’d share
and also you are the person to whome i care
any how iam not going to forget you
cos i loved only you
and at last may god your dreams come true

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One Comment on “Last Wish”

imran dogar says:

life is goog thing
not seen with eyes
but fet with heart

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