I’d Rather

God knows when the typhoon Ondoy strikes
I prayed hard to spare our lives
For I still have lot of things to do
To do all of it together with “you”.

God knows how much I cried
To beg for our love not to die
To change everything back to normal
To begin a new life with “you and I”.

God knows how much I’ve loved you
But I guess you didn’t see it through
For you doesn’t take a chance
To look at me or even take a glance.

Why my love, I don’t understand
Why you seem so distant to us
Are you not happy being with us?
To spend some of your precious time with us?

If only I knew nothing much have changed,
If only I knew, I’m the only one who’s hoping
Hoping for us to live us one happy family…
I’d rather ask God to take my life today!

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2 Responses on “I’d Rather”

royvanslimming says:

really a beautiful poem I wish more of these poems were

mr diet says:

nice one hayyz I thought you and john are okay…hmmmn just chill my friend everything will gonna be fine. just pray and pray who knows what happened tomorow. just keep smilling

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