I Am, Not You

You’re always the one who make me smile
You’re always there when I need you
You always find time to be with me
Even your schedules at work can be affected.

You always think you gave enough
And so you expect me to do the same
Just as much, as much as you have given
But is it really important, to get even?

I don’t understand why it should be like this
For I didn’t ask you to do any of this
Have you forgotten that you’re the one?
Who tried and convinced me with a kiss?

I never thought that all this time
When you tell me that you’ll be mine
You think I can offer you the same thing?
For you do know, I have a ring…

I have a ring that tied a knot
A knot that binds my heart
For this heart of mine is no longer free
I am, not you, who are always free…

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