I was going great in my life but then i met u,
Never knew u ll b rest of my life,
U use to run through my mind each day every night,
i think i was falling in love u wid u…

Bt i never told u.. Cuzz i wanted to hear by u, atlast u told..
i was so happy geting u in my life..
U came n brightend my lives…

Still remember ur wrds promises of love,
U told me u r my start n u r my end,
Being wid u i was feelng at d top of dis wrld,
V both wer happy together,
Had a grt tym dat i wud never have agian…

V sat on d bench in dat beach,
U pickd out a coin askd me to wish,
I held d coin u held my hand,
V made a wish n droped d coin into d sea,
Never thought my wish wont come true,
Bcus i wishd frm deep of heart to b wid u 4ever…

My wish was my drms, d drm wich i want to cum true,
But, we r apart nw, m going through d most painful days of my life,
i never meant to hurt u sweet heart,
Dont know where m lost this days…

U told me u wont leave me,
Then y is this distance between us,
I m here in world of pain,
U r der in d world of sorrows,
We both need each other then y u went away…

U told me to go away but sorry i cant,
All what i need is to get u back,
Sorry 4 all idiotic mistakes i have done,
I wont ever repeat it cus i intensionally dint done it,
We were meant to be together,
I know u want to stay wid me n i just want u…

I m broken here wat i want is just ur love,
Ur love till d end no matter if u r with me o not,
what matters is ur true love til the end…

Love aint bout just being together,
love is bout waiting,comprmsing thnking caring loving n feeling..
It isnt bout just kiss n hugs,
Its bout thnking old day v had together n wishing to get it again…

Even if take n makes me wait my life long,
I know u love me n feel my pain too as i do,
I want u to make every thing better as b4,
I ll be there 4 u if u need me so,
I ll be waiting till the last breath of life…

If it means i can be with u i ll blow all the pain away,
I ll make a new start just want u bck..
I was going great n den i met u,
My life is now totally changed n it wants u…..

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