Broken Heart

what was my mistake?
why does my heart ache??
i had given everythng i could
and i dint expect that you would
break my heart
and gift me a gift of depart
i was always with you to handle
and i became a candle
i burnt myself to give you happiness
and i ignored your forgiveness
you were always in my dream
and i felt u like my favourite icecream
you had played with my life
promisng me 2 make ur wife
in the begining u said me 2 leave evrythng and cme 2 you
and i did that
and at last you said me 2 leave you and love everythng
bt i dint
cos i love you
i miss you
and i dnt want to loose you
bt wht 2 do?
dere is nothng i could do?
i jst smiles by recallng our sweet memories
and specially the game of eatng cherries
any how iam nt sad dt you left me
iam happy that u wre once a part of my life
knowing that i can never be ur wife
why did you broke my heart?
why did you depart?!

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8 Responses on “Broken Heart”

kulsum fatima says:

its beautiful sadia.i just loved reading such a nice poem written by i’ve cme to know somethin that u has a great heart and a passion to write beautiful n the best things.GREAT WORK!!!!!!!BE HAPPY EVER AFTER

sumayya says:

very nice….cloze to my heart….keep it up

mohammed Viquar Uddin says:

so beautiful poem, it just like u
Many Many thanks for this poem

vani says:

i luv ew n miss ew…..

naina zainab says:

thta was good enough sadia zainab.i liked it a lot.
it touched my heart.
can b a life story of some one.

naina zainab says:

10 **********

johnny says:

really awesome i lone it deeply

Shamsu says:

Beautiful poems Zainab….more please

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