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Please No More

DownUp +2

I am tired of the way
you play with me
and all is this can see
babe u make me surly
life is no long how i dream
heart knows to talk all about him
isn’t it so silly?
is this what is love?
no! no more! it is just enough
yeah I am out of handle
i cant carry it any more
though it is true, i love him 4m my core
but what is love that gives so much pain
I am afraid he’ll go away
i am sure, today or some other day
No, i dont wanna cry
I dont wanna break down, break my dream
no please! no more! I dnt wanna love him

Submitted by Debasmita Acharya.

Lies that u gave me

DownUp +1

me and u…
we look into mirror and said that we last forever…it was amazing
we walk together in the rain..holdin
hands so tight like theres no tomorrow..
keep u wit me all day night…missin u!!

u gone away…
like the rain that we been through..
u gone away from the mirror…
when i look at my plams…u are not there…it was so cruel!!
i fall to the ground on my knees…
u are gone…

so far away..
i thought that love is a cloud
u came to me as rain…
u gone away after u burn me eternally..
sad is a gift that u gave me as a when u are not with me..
pain a curse that i have to walk with
to share wit…
to feel with…
to die with…
your love is a lie…
lies that u gave me will hunt me down alive….it will

Submitted by leonid`.

Trying To Say All That Lies Within

DownUp +8

Life begins an unusual trend,
From the start, till the end,
Have been trying to live tall,
But things eventually get a downfall,

Silence does mean a lot,
I’ve been so silent for all that thought,
Loosing everything for what I fought,
But there is something dear that I’ve lost,

A need for change I began to feel,
All these cuts & so many burns to heal,
I’ve been trying to say all that’s within,
But all I manage to give is a grin,

This negativity has placated my mind,
My emotions are the ones I’m bind,
Tried to say all that’s on my mind,
But consequences are all that I can define,

Pain & remorse have been my friends,
They keep pushing me from all ends,
Tried to own all this torture I go through,
But I feel weak; I know it’s tru

You’ve been my thought; you’ve been my strength,
You’ve been the one I’d always depend,
Tried to tell you all this truth,
But all along I was afraid to loose you,

Read my mind, read these tears,
Read these lines of despair my dear,
I’ve tried to tell all that lies within,
But you never asked me why I grinned?

Submitted by deep.