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You Touched My Very Soul

You touched my very soul . . .

There’s a day I’ll remember forever..
A day I’ll hold so dear to my heart
The day you came to my life.
The day we started our love.
I felt I started my life all over
To a better part I didn’t know
I know I’ll remember the day forever
Not forever, but for another day more..

I held your hand for the very first time
And in return you held mine
I saw the tender look your eyes gave me
I knew that it was all for me..
Your gentleness made me fonder of you
Your smile brought smile to my face
Your touch made my heart leap
It’s just..
I can’t find the words
To tell how much you mean to me..

But answer this one simple question
Why did you leave me?
Was it my fault or was it yours
I still can’t believe..
My heart is broken to pieces I know
But still I’m holding it for you
Why couldn’t you simply see?
That you’re leaving a heart that loves you, true..

My heart still waits for you,
Waiting only for you to return
Not a little, not a lot
But it loved you so much more..
I just want you to know I’ll always love you..
Just b’cos..

You touched my very soul . . .

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I love a girl,
Who is a pearl of my life,
she is present and has a right on my heart.

But I don’t know she loves me or not,
But I don’t know she thinks about me or not,
But I don’t know she has some affection towards me or not,
But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life,

Her “EYES” are like deep ocean,
Her “CHEEKS” are like red apples,
Her “LIPS” are like red rose,
She is like a “QUEEN”.
But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life,

But I Love A Girl,
Who Is A Pearl Of My Life.

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Golden Bird

I thought about the golden bird ,
during 60 years of freedom we gain many things but we lost many thing too.
We lost not only a golden bird but more than this ,
we lost our culture ,traditions ,values , norms ,bravery ,history ,Social values & off course our aim or motive that why we take birth on this planet ,
what we lost it is impossible to find again .

The golden bird think why she fly high ,
we consider flying high or think high will develops our nation but crows are there who always try to cut the golden feather.
No one can listen the grief , everyone is busy.
Even no one wants to know about the golden bird..everywhere there is a chaotic situation & tends country as a fish market.

People give their attention on their cloths but not on their character , no one can see his own . There is no sport on the cloths of people & they trying to show white but why they don’t think about a black hole which is always with them. People can see far but not see inside his character. There is dark everywhere , we all our own shadows…..

Now GOLDEN BIRD wants to fly………….
Can it be possible in this society……………???
The question are hanging in front of us & trying to find the answer.

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Why God Made Friends

god made the world
with heart full of luv
then he looked down
from the heaven above
and saw that we all
need a helping hand
someone to share with
who will understand
he made special people
to see us through
during the glad times
and sad time too
a person on whom
we can always depend
someone we call..
it is “FRIEND”
god made friend so
we will take a part
of his/her perfect love
in all our heart

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I Know

I Knw You Are Not Mine,
Still I Feel Being With You.

I Knw You Give Me Pain,
Still I Find Relief In You.

I Knw You Ignore My Emotions,
Still Am Emotional For You.

I Knw You Nvr Wait For Me,
Still I Wait For You.

I Knw You Nvr Think Of Me,
Still Am Dipped In You.

I Knw I Can Nvr Keep You Happy,
Still I Find My Hapiness in You.

I Knw We’ll Nvr Stay Alive Forevr
Still I Die Every Moment For You.

You Dont Knw Someone Likes You So Hard
But Still I Know, Somewhr in Your Heart Feels The Same For Me Too……..

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I Thank God

As i sit back pondering the things that make me, me.
The me I know I am, and the me I strive to be.

I Thank God for giving me the strength to fight this battle,
And the courage to believe I can.

Trust in him completely, that for me he has a plan!
By, Audrie Schiano 2003

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Immature Pain

To the one who lives in my heart
and I know not even how to start
but these lines are just to say
I love you every single day
I am hurt when you go away!

This is my first love,immature I know
and immature is the pain you give when u go
after the romantic company, I am left by I
I don’t know the reason why
my heart asks me_
Is that the immature love for whom you cry?

yeah! life is nothing but life is pain
and tears pour like pouring rain
you bloody killer, kill me at a time
to you, matters not my love and matters not a crime

Is my heart like a hell
or is it dirty as a brothel?
you scratch on me, hurt me yet
life dont want you to forget

Go away and stay happy
never come back again
but before going take away
your immature pain

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The Swing Set’s

Do you remember?
I do.
The swing set’s, just me and you.
You would sing the words to our favorite songs, and I couldn’t help but to sing along.
Life seemed so simple then.
Those long days seemed to never end.
I can hear your laughter, see your smile.
Can’t we just stay a while?
So we can reminisce about the old days, because I want to remember my life this way.
I will never forget the swing set’s on that day, when life just seemed to sway.

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Memories I Treasure

The day I came into this world,
I was crowned with your gentle love and tender touch…
my first hug..
My first step..
my first crawl..
my first spoonfed..
my first smile..
my first word..
my first drive..
every imaginable thing i’ve perceived is because of you mommy..
Its you, who taught me.. what to do.. when to do.. how to do; what, how and where I am today is because of your essence, mommy..
You choose me my dreams.. my ambition.. my career.. my life..
In you I found my best friend and closest confidante..
Its just impossible to imagine my existence without your presence..
Mommy.. I love you so much, it hurts..

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Happy Birthday Dad

As I was thinking about you today,
I began to wonder whether you realize
how much you are a part of me,
You might not know how deeply
your values and your actions
have influenced my character
or be aware of how many ways
your words still speak to my heart…

But Dad, as surely as the sun
causes the budding flower to blossom,
you have shaped and influenced my life.
Your very presence has made me
a daughter who loves you very much..


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