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We at Desi Comments provide a wide collection of poems in many categories. These poems are a very useful in expressing your feelings and that too in a rhythmic manner. Just browse through the categories and enjoy the classic works by some extra talented people. And if you think you have the talent to be a poet, just use the submit button and send the poem to us and we will make sure it features on your very own website.

Latest Poems

Fantasy Of Love

A tempest is brewing.
Emotions shake wildly.
A fearful hum disturbs.
As whistle blows shrill.

Wild waves swirl on body,
embracing warmth of love.
Wind hugs, uproots calmness.
Love lone turns ecstatic.

Dark clouds crowd around eyes.
Stars depart behind retina.
Starlit sky wound as funnel,
pouring down heavily on earth.

Body emits smell of fresh earth.
Monsoon rain tickles on.
Your wet oily hair intoxicates,
as I merge in your hot breathe.

Every cell percolates thirst.
A subtle dream takes shape.
Embryo of hope forms in womb of time.
Seasons settle down in your eyes.

Through falls, spring n’ winter,
you reach summer of forty-two.
When fresh rains cool air,
Your blue eyes meet fantasy.

Love You Always

Another Valentine’s Day has come once again,
And I miss seeing you, my Dear and closest Friend.
You are there and here am I.
Miss you drying the tears that I cry.
So, once again I will go to the store,
Like so many Valentine’s before.
I will pick you a card that says how I feel,
Letting you know the words are actually real.
I care for you, my Friend, in a special way.
I hope someday you will understand what I say.
I will say this most perfectly clear,
I will love you now and always, my Dear.

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Day Of Affection

On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection,
My thoughts naturally turn in your direction.
I think of many things, big and small
That you’ve given to me and given your all.
You see me always in the kindest light;
You’re a glow in my life, golden and bright.
I’m thankful for the happy ties that bind
Me to you in our family, and I’d like to remind
You of all the special memories I treasure.
Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure!
You’re a walking example of how to live,
How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.

Please accept this Valentine poem,
warm from the heart of your _____

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Be My Valentine

Be my Valentine, for I
Each day have thought of you.
My whole life couldn’t manage what
Your ready smile can do,
Vanquishing my loneliness
As though all light were new.
Let me be your Valentine
Even as you’re mine,
Needing what I have to give
That each might each define
In friendship and in harmony,
Now you, now I the melody,
Each helping each to shine.

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A Bit Of Inspiration

A bit of inspiration, that it is,
we get from everywhere,
A bit of inspiration, of which is,
taken by us in life, to share.

We think of past, we think of future,
from which the knowledge we always nurture,
and for the present, we always so sure,
make our hard time to endure.

But what it is, the inspiration,
giving our life a mission,
for it will, where we go,
good or bad, whichever it show.

Inspiration of kind, there if any,
taken by us, one or many,
money, love, lust, anger as a factor,
used to build up a character.

Then there is something called conscience,
knowledge, experience, as to say,
as it takes us in right direction,
showing on the way, our destination.

So, its the duty of the society,
for showing us the light of the sun,
as we cannot say in individual level,
The right bit of inspiration.

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You are like an ocean, variety
of harden stones fall in you.
Your face is like an open book,
every flip of page works like a
charm, and flourish with every glance.

Stones are hard to move, yet
it’s possible when you stare
we may kilter.
Your every tender touch refreshes
our soul_ Encore if we can…..

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I Do Not Know It Till Now

I didn’t know how…
It felt to have cried
To say “I failed, but I had tried!”
To feel the pain of defeat;
To be tripped by someone’s feet.

I didn’t know how…
It felt to be shattered,
To lose the game that only seemed to matter,
To move forward and walk over the broken dreams;
That pierced my feet and tender skin.

I didn’t know how…
To make a new start over,
To leave behind the evil memories;
around me that hover.
To stand strong for others to feel;
with all new spirit and zeal.

That’s all i say..I know clear..
I didn’t know that earlier!
I didn’t know how…
But, I should have known it by now…

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Mysterious Death Of Death – Mystery

I had taken my birth,
‘I’ was then a mystery!
I am here in the earth,
‘I’ is still a mystery!!
I will be dead without worth,
‘I’ will then be a mystery!!!
‘I’ — what is it then?
I wonder, you wonder, everyone wonders—
‘I will what be next,when it will happen
In a second next, after my death thunders!’
It will happen when death will continue to awaken
Itself, to remain among the mystery-wonders.

To Terrorists

*To Terrorists*

Day after day and year after year
You have been working for
Only the rapid cause of destruction,
You are what are the teachers of terror
That began without construction.

Do you know what life is,
How long it is,
How to live it, but to leave it?
Or don’t you know you are human beings?
Terrorism – You define it.

Yet passions may differ, but this you mustn’t prefer
For, the heaven may be roomless,
To provide them room at once, innocent souls they are;
Await your death; your soul would be near;
But enough room has the hell for merciless.
Yet you won’t prefer, but hell you can’t differ.

What do you wanna show
Through your meaningless powers?
Whom do you wanna show
These terrible blood showers?
Or do you wanna blow
Your terrorism towards your followers?

I know you can’t answer
Coz you don’t understand nature;
You don’t understand human language,
Just all we needa say is –”Provide us Freedom always.”

What’s The Number?

“He’s a poet, lo & behold,
He thinks he can change the society & world!” –
The proud man laughed at me…
His fellow men mocked at me…
And finally asked me –
“I’ve brain, I’ve memory,
I’ve intelligence, I’ve money,
But what have thee??
You’re nonsense, you poets are selfish,
You criticize, people you can tease,
Well, tell us what you’ve gotta say
Before we kick & force you to leave???”
Then I gazed at the group laughing –
Taunting at me from around, & then encircling,
And than I softly began –
“Nine spiders though each has
Four pairs of useful legs,
They may be totally useless
When the spiders are senseless of dead;
Three-bedded deluxe room is useless,
Even it has,
Five doors & five wide windows,
Nine bathrooms but zero beds at all!
Nine of you stand here now, all around me,
Two eyes each of you have,
But I’ve something else called vision –
The Third eye…at number three; that you don’t possess!”
Now each of them looked at the other,
And then finally at me.
The proud man slowly asked (though now perplexed) –
“What? What do you mean??”
I simply smiled & replied,
“Using my third eye I’ve got more poems to write,
I’m in a hurry, I’m getting late,
Call me up, if you need any help!”
“But…but what’s your contact number??”
The perplexed man asked again (now more confused);
I said:
“I’ve just given you my number”
“But where???”
“Just use ya Third eye, if you’ve…!
Gimme da call when you crack!!!”