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Latest Poems

The World

I agree that you are charming, desirable, and fulfilling
Mild or violent though I be your presence is mesmerizing
Kings and paupers, young and old have never been able to evade you
For you are charming; charmingly murderous.
You rend the heart from the mind, and kill its thousand eyes
You bend the heart to the flesh, and fill it with a million lies
Visible desire, invisible snare.
Lust of flesh, death of mind.
O World, the master tradesman
You give us what we want
At the cost of what we need.

Winds of Change

‘Days have changed’ said an elder.
Crafty change takes a stealthy stride.
And even before the eyes could wonder
Supersonic change does steal the ride.
Neither allowin’ to predict nor ponder,
Another change soon whizzes by.

‘It’s Future Shock,’ said Alvin Toffler.
‘Inevitable process,’ said Harvey Cox.
‘It’s last days,’ said Paul the apostle —
On winds of change the world now rocks.
We’re living ‘midst lights and thunder,
Camera truths and lusty lies.

The tower of Babel looms sublimely higher,
Now built of neither brick nor clay.
Floors of fantasy built one upon the other
Defy the heavens in total array.
But Babel comes tumbling down asunder
And men depart as flurrying flies.

Lie is a multi-headed monster,
Unsatiated, ever-seeking some new
Fancies to placate its infernal hunger,
Spinning changes and choices not few.
As insatiable desire flares up stronger,
The hurried heat is its death-sigh.

This world of wars, wishes, and woes
Now finds in it her most fearsome foes,
Lawless winds of change on fire
Burn this world with venomous desire.
But rough winds corrode mind’s apt power
To tell the difference between truth and lie.

Truly, a vision for change t’wards the good is noble.
One must leave the wrong for right;
For fanatical falsehood breeds contagious trouble,
And falsehood can’t with falsehood fight.
Fanaticism is a blind surrender
To unchecked views that might one day die.

But, truth’s unfrightened by bullet or ink;
Neither does it rot nor stink;
But while men’s fancies expand and shrink,
Truth’s eye will never wink.
The wise take courage to stop and think
How change changes by the brink
Of eternity, another world to link
That’ll bring to the just living waters to drink.
Icons, Idols, Images now fall and crumble
Before God’s own Son and our True Life.


As the storm clouds release their brutal rage
i take comfort in the rain
im lost in the shroud of angelic tears
it washes away my pain

each day lasts an eternity
since we had to part
the cruel thoughts then run through my mind
make me realize that there is something missing in my heart

im fearful of the impending loss
that i just might have to endure
i think its just stupidity
but at times im not too sure

an angelic hand reaches out
and helps me through the day
it lets me know you love me
and soon ill be there to stay

this time apart is cruel
but its something we must do
because after all this time has passed
ill be back with you

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Misses Those Things

I have a life,
a life of my own,
with friends, and family….
new things coming by,
but still, misses those things.

I am older,
making my own decisions,
with many things to explore….
new challenges coming by,
but still misses those things.

Had money to buy,
purchasing my own things,
with many things to own….
new mode of enjoyment coming by,
but still misses those things.

As I drive by,
watching many things moving by,
with many places to visit….
and new maturity coming by,
but still misses those things.

Yes I miss that,
and know its going by,
those lovely times to spend….
no worries, only play,
and the simplicity I had.

Yes it was childhood,
admiring and surprised,
loving each moment as it comes….
and loving the stillness,
caring and loving to get.

I have to move on,
taking new responsibilities,
as the time passes by….
and keep the memories with me,
but still I misses those things.

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The Green Meadow

A smooth breeze around me,
and the trees by my side,
as being close to the nature,
I walk on the green meadow.

Ahh, what a lovely sight,
with the dogs are playing,
and the birds chirruping,
on a lovely green meadow.

Yes indeed its a place,
a place to have some rest,
to share your joy and sorrow,
it is the green meadow.

As I sat under a tree,
with sunshine over my face,
taking few moments to relax,
on this green meadow.

I saw the children playing,
running and jumping on their way,
bringing back those childhood memories,
having fun on this green meadow.

With it I started wondering,
what would have been a life,
a life of cities and big towns,
a place without a green meadow.

where will those children play,
get the exprience of the breeze,
a chance to be close to nature,
with a green meadow.

cutting trees, making houses,
and malls and the industries,
where will they get a chance,
to see a green meadow.

I only pray to the god,
that human will think,
and for the sake of humanity,
save this precious…the green meadow.
Posted by mk at 7:13 AM

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What is Truth?

What is truth? What is falsehood?
The mind knows; the heart doesn’t.
Logic sees; feeling doesn’t.
Truth is truth when the heart sees it,
Feels it, knows it, believes it,
Till it becomes a part of me, one with me.

Truth must be one’s passion,
The fountain of life, strength, and energy.
It must be water to the thirsty,
Food to the hungry,
Medicine to the sick,
Wealth to the poor.
Or else, truth is a stranger
That keeps no friend.

Everybody sells ‘truth’, but are they all real?
Objects with the same name, but different colors, shapes, sizes, odor.
What is the standard of truth?
Who will specify the mark of truth?
Where is its hologram? Does it have a master?
If one claims to be its owner; how do we know that’s true?

What Happens Next?

I’m not a poet,
Yet I try to be one
To let my heart set
Into the world of fun.

But how can anyone…how…
When those snobs welcome them, with a kick,
Whose worthless lives filled with sorrow,
Have nothing but their palms to eke?

If such be the plan of modern society,
And if…- you have a separate entity;
Then… why not raise your third hand
To oust that brutal band?

I don’t know how to escape this matrix,
But I’m quite sure and I can fix
That our works for treasure
Will give the world a bit of pleasure.

Coz’ today, I’m in the same condition
Trying to fulfill my old ambition.
I wish my thoughts could be true;
And I’m on my way of virtue.

I’m on my way… I’m on my way…of…of…

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I Am Not Like You

At this world, in your life,
you make money to survive,
you have been hardworking & sincere,
become skillful & perform jobs here.

I may not be sincere & hardworking,
not as skillful as you have been,
but one thing, i want to say to you,
that my friend, i am not like you.

I may pass days wondering,
unmindful of works here occuring,
you may call me mad and think,
that i am not like you.

But i can imagine, can explore,
can see things beyond yours,
can see a picture and go into it,
and can feel emotions there.

I can make my own world,
with its own structure and system,
can feel the love and emotion,
being a part of my own compassion.

I can here the voice of cuckoo,
in a hot summer day,
can enjoy the wind and wet air,
in a tough humid day.

I may not get a name,
get some riches and fame,
but one thing satisfy as a whole,
that i get happiness inside my soul.

You can laugh & make fun of me,
got angry or scold me,
but, real human nature known by few,
as my friends….. i am not like you.

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I walked thru’ the road silent in night
No man till far was in my sight
Frozen dew on leaves were resting
I found was very soothing

I heard my conscience talking to me
My heart got in talk with glee
How from the crowd I am kept away
How my own had betrayed…

I sweated for my success always
Loved all as much as I can
They too valued me, wished of me
Benevolent I was, in the society

My love was my only hope
Had promised, won’t leave me ever
That black day she too left me lonely
I entered the world of grief & agony

Since then trust never was my pal
Was screwed up, wounded in hurdles
Hated I am was, left alone screaming
It was only dark whom I could cuddle

The road has come to the end now
Didn’t achieve but lost lot on my way
Alas! Tomorrow will be my last day
Don’t ever come to my grave
There u will get only… silence

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On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day we think about
Those matchless people who
Give extra meaning to our lives–
The very special few.

Without them, skies would turn to gray;
Things wouldn’t be the same;
Life wouldn’t be as colorful;
It would be a duller game.

And when I contemplate that group–
Friends and family who are mine,
I appreciate and treasure you;
You’re essential, Valentine!

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