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Reticent were moon, sky and birds.
A pall of gloom spread on the trees.
Stoically I rode on the wings of pain,
to watch the descending values.

A timeless truth separates the charm from lies,
and I long for the generosity of past
which could connect us to future.

A flame burns the eyes.
When we took the wrong road?
Still the fever is rising.

Gods sneak into our affairs.
A firebird flies in the space with long span of shadow,
the helpless victim lies in wait, to be dispatched.

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Eve Teasing – A Shame For Humanity

Tonight as on other nights
i am walking alone
through the valley of fear
i heared a blanted voice
what’s that ,who’s there ? —i asked
a girl murmered , ran & dissapear
yes she is teased by some beasts ‘a group’ . . . .

The incident chilled me to the bones
for it could have been any of the girls
you , me , our sister , our friend , anyone!
If such cases will continue to transpice to fear of her life
folks will stop sending their gals out . .

she haters her life
she hated her society
she hated her surroundings
she hated these men
how could they do that ?
How could be they so cruel ?
They ruined her life
it all happened to her
coz she is a girl and a beautiful object . .
”humanity on shame”
i never saw a wild thing ‘sorry’ for itself .. 🙁 🙁

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This world was too much.
in him.
Sometimes he wanted
to go insane.
(He was talking to himself) .

He cared too much
of things and people around him,
but it splits
like a dry pod, the life,
in throes of running
to save a falling seed.

Yields his whole earned silence,
starts turning the pages
of a soiled book
lost in the attic of grief.

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A Tear Drop

Dying daily in eternity
for it to be,
a tear drop held all the pain of life.
You were lost in words,
between the phrases
time was in, time was out.

The color, the theme was fading,
a seduced century
contriving the reasons to commit
the destruction of self-being.
I was struggling to empty my mind

To remain human in the loneliness
of ruins
I want to walk straight.

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A fear stalks me on the road.
Sun was very aloof and cold.
Cannot stop the decline,
give me prayers of your lips.
You talk of dark children dying
when I was losing consciousness.

Will not question the ink of death
or silence of night.
The random greed of man walks
in golden ruins without listening.
I am counting my years wasted
in pursuit of crazy dreams of climbing a watchtower.

Hunger had become a great teacher.
Pain becomes a face. Limbs and shadows
seek justice after rape and murder.
Something seeps in me. Wounds bleeding
on my hands, I dig the floor of the moon
where God was sleeping.

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Ambling on beach in dark
when the lake laps the feet.
Sometimes I wish to walk away
on the water like a dragonfly.


Trying to figure out
what happened?
Lake Huron went
into flames!


Up, above
a white ship was sailing.
On water,
thousands of boats.

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Oh God
I don’t believe you
for irretrievable sins in me.

My grandchild was asking
why did you have to go?
I had no answer.

My eyes were damp.
Okay, cannot hold you grandpa,
will you come again?

I was the end,
I was the beginning.
I kissed the burning tears of my small chit.
I said, let me go,
Set me free,
I will come, one day in you,
you are me.

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Morning Star

There was no beginning
no ending.
Beyond tomorrow
you will be, what you were not.
Words would disappear,
only meaning will be left.

The interval ceases to be
from ’wasness’ to open pathway.
When you are not ready
I will be there to lift the veil.

My total pain surges forward today.
Quietly death opens the door
to welcome the lost child,
whose burden was his taste.

Farewell to the visitors of night.
The morning star is rising.

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Go, my sun go.
Collect all your golden leaves
and leave me with pink wounds.

Go, my son go.
Collect all your lies
and leave me with bare bones.
Lying in bed with saddened eyes
I count the mistakes, eternities
and chew the years.

It had been a long journey
from cloud to cloud,
time to dropp on dew again.
I return to silence
feed it my body.

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In The Wonder Sky

in the wonder sky oh!
in the wonder sky oh!
who is coming by
he is with beard,
he always wear red clothes
and he fly over with a deer
it is like a dream
like a biscuit in a cream!
oh! i got it !
oh! i got it !
it is santa santa santa clouse
it is santa santa santa clouse
ohh! santa clouse
ohh! santa clouse
in a big sledge
with wonderful gifts
he is coming near by oh !
he is coming near by oh!
crossing the hill
crossing the streams
giving the smiles
for the little limes
who are the children
santa clouse has disturbuted the gifts
i wish him and to you all merry christmas and a happy new year.

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