The Rain

I am blessed again, to hear the rain.
Its tin-roof chatter, drums terrain
While droplets pepper windowpanes.
Between such bouts, life breathes again.
Trite verse, reflects in warm refrain
And strongly marks in human vein
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Stiff winds spawn sisters to the rain
These cyclone-progeny sustain
Swaying blooms that pock the plains.
While whole-blood kin can not restrain
Or dull the edge of nature’s pain
Neither dams nor sloughs can long retain
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Sun oft does battle with the rain,
This thunderous tryst ignites the chain
As powers meld, their difference wanes
Now nimbus’ tempests spread their reign
The rainbow’s radiance explains
The essence of our lives remains,
The blessed rain … our blessed rain

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