Thank You Mother

From depth of my sleep,
I hear your chant of love.
Dawn walked into my dream,
drizzling splendor of charm.

I glide over a rainbow,
filling my senses in color.
Dropping my sheaths one by one,
I fade away behind azure sky.

Behind veils of mystery,
someone shakes tree of stars.
I fall on your lap as hail,
melting my false images.

Let me weep my pain out,
as you fondle my heart.
Feeling warmth of your love,
I dream a dream around you.

I know not to thank you,
as my heart beats started by you.
Blood that fills my brain cells,
feels your graceful presence in me.

Listening to lullabies you sing,
I fade away into folds of sleep.
Smile on my lips while asleep,
Is thanking your warm love mom.

2 Responses on “Thank You Mother”

nesh says:

all the mother poems in desicomments are superb…congratulations..

anil says:

your poem is realy good and near to heart….neelu

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