Forgive Me

What colour were your hair and eyes?
How soft was your face?
I think that you’re the best there is…
I’m sure you think I’m a disgrace.

Would you have loved like your grandma?
Caring, Selfless, not like me?
Would you have been a happy child?
Would science have been your hobby?

I don’t have words to tell you how sorry I am
And how I wish I could change what I did
At the time I didn’t know the ramifications
At the time I was just a kid.

I have never felt so sorry and helpless
Regret is all I feel
I can’t put you back together
And allow you to heal.

What were you doing in me
When your last heartbeat came?
You were 100% dependent on me
And I put out your flame.

If I could trade places with you
I would do it in a second
But at this point you might be lucky one
Because with God you are present.

I will never be able to think of you
Without sorrow in my heart
But deep down inside
We have never been apart.

Almighty has shown me
That even though what I did wasn’t right
I can still receive forgiveness
And end my innermost fight

I don’t know if you will ever forgive me
All I can do is wait and see
For the moment that my Earthly life ends
And you will finally see me

Are you going to approach me with gladness?
Or will hate be in your heart?
I would not blame you
If you had no forgiveness to impart

I hope that since God has forgiven me
You can do it, too
Forgiving myself as been tough, as well
The toughest thing I ever did do.

I look forward to the day
When YOU and my family will be together
We will laugh and sing and jump for joy
Because we will all be forever

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