Theres Nothing I Want More

You know sometimes it’s so nice
to just be alone
no one to interrupt your thoughts
or make demands of your time
sometimes the world
just seem to rushed
and the quiet of no one there
soothes the ill of the day
there are times when you
just nothing to say
and really dont care
to another’s voice
times when if you wanted
to sing out of key
dance around with two left feet
just act like a fool
there’d be no one to tell you so
ah yes,
those times are so precious
just not tonight
tonight is one of those nights
to be careful what you wish for
for sitting here alone
theres nothing i want more
than to hear your voice
feel yout touch
but sadly it just one of those times
and i
i am alone
and you
you are not.

2 Responses on “Theres Nothing I Want More”

Sonia says:

simply beautiful.

Destiny says:

-_^ thank’s

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