It is the time when thou kissed me first on my palm—
Which seemed nothing but a
Comfortable and warm balm.

We were standing on that sea shore
Where I want to go no more..
For, the golden sand and the clusters of those coconut trees
Occur a sort of eternal pang and grieves.

The twilight was dropping its curtain then;
Dear, I know-it occurs everyday and will occur again.
Time marches on with its painful memories
Torturing silently the rest of my days.

But yea, I am profoundly glad
For I never repent..
Thou art no more with me
And siding all sorts of earthly attractions
Sleeping peacefully in thy tomb….
Where I gaze with interminable love
Silently and dumb.

This devotee will obviously will get
The fruit of her devotion,
Whose soul has been stolen-
By thy unfathomable attraction.

Now, ‘o-revoa’ sweetheart
Wait with great patience
For your darling
From the depth of thy heart.

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2 Responses on “Patience”

chriz a says:

i love the poem, it’s very meaningful….

Augustine says:

hi dear,
a really good poem which fit for me as i am far from my girlfriend
A cute poem thanks

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