Missing You

i really miss you
feels like missing something
don’t know what to do
don’t know what to think
just know 1 thing
its all ’bout u….

i open my file
i read all your poem there
feels like lighting in my blood
when i read your name there
in the end of the line…
tears come n keep falling
but it cant erased what i feel

i write this with tears n smile
coz i cant stop thinking ’bout u
tears for feeling miss u so much
smile for wishing u all the best there

i hope u r here now beside me
holding hand n laying my head on ur shoulder
talking ’bout us n show u how much i love u
but i am sure u will know it anyway…

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5 Responses on “Missing You”

Tani Partner says:

Its an Awesome Poem .,.

Rie says:

Thx to all who liked this poem, specially for Tani Partner who leave 1st comment..
I dedicated this poem to my Special Friend “RR” whereever u r, I MISS U……

divya says:

its really very niceand touch to my heart

priyanka says:

wow.so nice poem..
i like it sooo much

karwanbass says:

hey can i make this poem a song ,, well i already put some melody for it !!!!

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